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  • Marquss said:
    Unique...... and Awesome...... Sep 30
  • Tim Joe said:
    such a great Music.... Sep 30
  • JustinCook said:
    Spectacular...... Sep 26
  • Survivethenight! said:
    lol i never thought i would see ANOTHER techno/christian band on here, i was wrong. im a techno/christian artist too :) go on my listeners page for my link :D Feb 01
  • ♥Vivy♥ {DeathByTeacup} said:
    love youuuuuuuuuuu!! you just combined two of my fav genres: christian and techno!! omgg Dec 10
  • ForeverRain said:
    L-O-V-E you guys' name ^_^ Nov 05
  • D o r o D e a r said:
    :]] amazing. Jul 11
  • tigerlilly2347 said:
    I love techno. I just added all of your songs to my playlist. Keep up the good work. Jul 24
  • puddin eater said:
    nice music!!! Jul 20
  • FeDeX said:
    love the new song!!:) Apr 30
  • littleadg87 said:
    i LOVE your music- it\'s so tight. keep the new songs coming! Oct 23
  • the_fem_gay_NES said:
    new song is kewl Sep 05
  • mekanic305 said:
    Yes! New songs!!! Seven I\'ve never heard it is amazing! Midnight Rush I\'ve never heard it is amazing! Change up is new and it is amazing. That\'s weird all of your songs are amazing! Keep it up GS you are the greatest! Sep 05
  • ACUMMINGS5 said:
    Ow my brian? i think i love the songs u make Aug 28
  • mekanic305 said:
    OMG...YES! Love the new song..seriously, words cannot express how awesomely amazing your music is. I\'m assuming since it\'s not downloadable we will be seeing a CD sometime in the near future...yes...please? Aug 12
  • CuteWhenYouScream;X said:
    Add Comment here... Jul 02
  • ravioli123lola said:
    love it! Jun 28
  • ravioli123lola said:
    love it! Jun 28
  • viabloodstream said:
    now that\'s skill.... Jun 20