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Gabriel Mintz


Genres: Indie / Rock

Location: Seattle, WA

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4 tracks

From the bars and clubs along Bleeker Street in the West Village of New York City, to self-booked tours and Greyhound bus passes; Gabe Mintz, from Seattle, WA, is a musician who truly speaks through his music.

"You're too smart," Gabe tells the world, "you think too much.Look at that city!Look at that leaf!It's alive and breathing.Its message is written in your DNA."He wraps it all up in a dreamy mist of
guitars.Set the reverb on stun, the drums on soul, and lay in a course through the unconscious, and back to a reality where every color is just a little brighter. His work is the product of dingy basements and extensive travel, documenting the surreal and the treacherous.

The songs on this disk have been selected from a catalogue of hundreds of original works that span more than a decade, reflecting broad influences and points of view.A multi-instrumentalist and composer, his songs have been featured on the E! entertainment channel, Telemundo, and the DVD release "Weapons of Mass Deception."He has been an opening act in Seattle for such performers as Christopher Blue, and regularly opened with Cattail Road while living in the Washington, DC area.***

A dear friend and fellow musician once said of Gabe, "I think he really uses songwriting as a tool to communicate, i.e. he almost needs to write songs.This is kind of a rare and precious thing in this day and age."Now Gabe has a few things to tell to the world, and we are spreading the word.




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