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iPhone 5, Are You for Real

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You must have seen the video about the latest iPhone 5, but if you have not, you're clearly passing up on a lot. The iPhone 5 has ignited since that video continues to be released. The hype surrounding the iPhone 5 features its own pitfalls and benefits though.

The benefits are...
1. Your interest will sky rocket and also you would probably be among those people who would camp outside an Apple store just to get your hands on the most recent gadget Steve Jobs concocts.

2. It will cost countless days and nights doing the marketing for the Iphone 5. You'll tell all of your friends concerning the cool virtual keyboard and the many things that you can do using the iPhone 5.


3. You will save a small fortune simply to spend all of it on an iPhone 5 which has yet to be released.

The pitfalls are...
1. You'll be one of those zombies roaming the streets after the tech revolution overthrows humans ala Terminator style.

2. The hype will make your expectations as high as Mount Everest and once you do get an iPhone 5, you will be so disappointed and wished you had been a mole man instead.

3. You will think that the iPhone 5 is made by aliens which will lead to you hiding inside a cave attempting to search for ancient texts that may give back to planet Zoidberg.

Sarcasm aside, the iPhone 5 holds a promising set of features which have been discussed all over the internet. These features have rocked the minds of tech geeks and casual observes for their core. Diehard fans will certainly enjoy their latest addiction. Without further ado, here are some of the speculated features that the iPhone 5 might have:

1. The iCloud feature which supplies users having a wireless access to their most favorite music all computers or any other mobile devices. You can also store a lot of apps, photos, documents, and other content without using up the storage of the phone.

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2. An excellent fast 1.2 to at least one.5 GHz dual core A5 model which supports you consume all kinds of content online and in your phone. You may also download multiple contents for your phone as well as for your pleasure.

3. An 8-megapixel camera that will take your breath away. You can capture high definition pics and vids with this baby. It is also rumored that the iPhone 5 uses a pico projector. If this sounds like true, you are able to skyrocket your preferred videos at your friends' faces. Wouldn't that be cool?

4. A Qualcomm Chip Support this chip that uses the latest CDMA technology.

They are only a few rumored features the iPhone 5 has. All you are able do is speculate because Jobs and Apple happen to be mum about the options that come with the latest iPhone. This helps develop excitement because of its eventual release within the latter a part of 2011. It doesn't matter what the telephone will offer, you can be certain that Apple will break new ground using the iPhone 5.

Posted Jun 09, 2012 at 11:30am