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Gabe Norris


Genres: Acoustic / Emo / Indie

Location: Corvallis, OR

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4 tracks

Members: Gabe (Vocals, Guitars), Cole (Guitars), Ben (Bass), Kaycee (Drums)

Gabe Norris subtly emo-tinged acoustic pop is truly something to behold. His solid manipulation of acoustic elements result in the manipulation of the listener, who is carried away on a beautiful trip of musical goodness. Emotive and striking, Norris' music compels the listener to come back again and again for more and more I believe that music is the language of emotions." That being the case, Norris strives to be emotionally honest and to poignantly convey the feelings that reside at the heart of each song. Listeners are able to communicate directly with Norris' emotional center. The intimacy that permeates each of Norris' song enables the listener to relate closely to an artist they know only through the song playing through the speakers. Norris is able to present to hearers a true representation of his heart, thus inspiring the one enjoying Norris' songwork. "Music accents, compliments or creates feelings of complete euphoria or harvests a pensive connection. Music can make you feel like nothing else in the world matters but that point in time. It can make you feel like someone knows exactly how you feel." Music is also a mystery. It's heart is as tenebrous but vitally real as the center of the human soul. It's truly affecting and you can feel it but putting a finger on it is something else entirely. "Music to me is an unexplainable phenomenon of aesthetics." In the same way, Norris' music is deep and sometimes even awe-inspiring. While one will walk away from a Norris song with a feeling of connection, one will also find his respect for music's mystery heightened. Norris is a master of song. Norris finds musical inspiration in both the joyous peaks of life as well as the valleys we all find ourselves in from time to time. "Inspiration comes from everyday life, tragedy or happiness." What's important is that no matter which direction Norris pulls his inspiration from, the end result will be a tightly woven piece of pop songwriting with heartfelt expression and irresistible appeal. Success is in the cards for Norris, but what makes his writing so great is his passion. Regardless of what directions his career takes, he's in it for the music. "I just feel very privileged to be able to do anything musical and have the chance for others to experience it, as well." Norris is currently working with A&R Select, the leading independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA. "Gabe Norris writes music that draws a straight line from his heart to your ears." – A&R Select


  • Auntie Joanie said:
    Neat listening to your music and seeing your picture online. Hope you keep up with the recordings. When is the next one coming out? We have a CD with a couple of your songs that your Dad gave to us a few years back. 03/16/08 Joan and Tom Mar 16


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