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Gabby (Covers)


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I've just posted these little tid bits to hear what others think. I did them all in a little studio, just my guitar and I. Needless to say, they're a little rough. All but one are covers.
I have so much respect for artists that can actually write and play their own music. One day, i hope to be one of those respectable folk. For now, i pratice. I'd love any imput.


  • My Blue Heaven said:
    Oh Gabby... I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! I come on here just to hear your pretty cute voice so I dont feel so far away form you. Your so amazingly talented! HAVE MY BABIES!!! hehe I love you so much. Jun 22
  • kittyrossini said:
    Hey Gabby!! Haha..I made an account so I can leave you a comment too!! ^^ I love your music!!! I have a lot of respect for you~~ hehe~ LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! MISS YOU SO MUCH MORE~~~~ Gonna see you soon!!! ^^ I\'m coming back on Apr 29th~~ Hope to see you then!! *hugs and kisses* Keep up the good work!! ^.~ -sinni~ Apr 08
  • arder said:
    Gabby I love you and I love your music. The song you wrote is amazing and I made an account JUST so I could post a commebt for you to tell you how amazing you are! MWAH Mar 30


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