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Genres: Punk / Pop Punk / Rock

Location: New York, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Scotty B (vocals, guitar); Tommy Unit (bass); Max Mayhem (lead guitar); Greg Hoy (lead guitar/drums on R.O.I.); Frankie 7 (drums)

There were many types of f-units. Most of them were used for freight service. They were built by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors, EMD. All had 2-stroke, 16-cylinder V-type diesel engines of the 567 type. The diesel engine turned an electric generator providing electricity to the four traction motors, one for each axle. That way the diesel engine could run at optimum speed, at all locomotive speeds.

However, these F-Units are a punk rock band based in NYC's Lower East Side. Formed in fall of 2004, F-Units utilize a perfect elixir of power-pop hooks and raunch-rock riffs driven with the mind-numbing force of streamlined freight train.

The band began recording their debut full-length album REJECT ON IMPACT in the summer of 2005, which is set for release in early 2006... It's gonna rock you off the tracks!


  • JohnArmy said:
    Y\'all are really good. You remind me of Green Day a lot, you\'ve got that kind sound from \"Warning\". I\'m really surprised that you\'re not signed yet. Dec 17


Sep 22, 2006

Alpha East Side EP

No release date


Cordova, TN


Dallas, TX

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