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Genres: Alternative / Emo / Screamo

Location: Osaka, Japan

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Though it is straight for living, We would like to apply the challenge to the new world myself.

22 years old of average, New generation altanative screamo band "FU-RAN"from Osaka Japan that consists of Vo.&Gt.Tomoya, Ba.Shintaro, Ds.Mas.

In 2002, it will form focusing on Vo.&Gt.Tomoya in Awaji island. Then, in quest of the friend who investigates real music, an activity base is moved to Osaka. After subscription of Dr.Mas in April, 2008, we had developed energetic Live activity -- O.A. of an overseas band is chosen. Now Three EPs and One Single are released.
Ba.Shintaro will join in the autumn of 2011, after parting from a former member's half in the spring of 2010. We are doing our best for recording for the newest mini-album release, asking for present new Gt. Live activity is scheduled the return for 2012, and as for the newest sound source ZELA recorded in February, 2012, the distribution from iTunes Store is planned prior to the mini-album release at May 23, 2012.

The posture in which it lives straight not only in intense social criticism.
Expression variegated from an explosive impulse to hollow feeling.
The band sound which arranged broad musicality, such as loud rock, screamo, punk, cahotic, and emo, at the original view of the world has the high evaluation from the United States and France, and it is filled in the power of just cultivating the exclusive music scene now!!!

Now FU-RAN is working by three persons, Tomoya, Shintaro, and Mas, and is inviting new Gt.
moreover, We want encounter with the label and project group who spread real music so that repaint the present music scene.
It is desperate, and in order to let you many people know the music to complete also alone, the pipe firmly sent to real music listeners' basis is required.
It is hoped there is contact of a new gt.member, a project!!!

Official Site : http://www.geocities.jp/fuuranndamashii/
Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/fuuranndamashii
Contact : fuuranndamashii@yahoo.co.jp



2011 Demo vol.1

Mar 01, 2011


No release date


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