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From The Shallows


Genres: Metal / Hardcore / Progressive

Location: United States

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Members: Steffan Howey, David Rhoades, Joe Frost, Marco Mendoza, Pierce Roberts

Toledos FROM THE SHALLOWS are bringing back the brutal days of metallic hardcore that were first introduced and innovated by legendary Ohio acts like Integrity, Ascension and Ringworm. Their 2007 debut, Beyond The Unknown, which was produced by Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada & Gwen Stacy), is a brilliant exploration into all the best aspects of what hardcore and metal have come to offer the music community today. Super slick production only helps to enhance FROM THE SHALLOWS technical prowess and mechanized rhythmic assault. They are catchy in every definition of the word as the songs possess all that the kids crave: guitar solos, melodic thrash metal, bass drops and of course breakdowns. Having already shared the stage with such respected acts as: Himsa, Suicide Silence, Dead To Fall, The Agony Scene & The Devil Wears Prada its only a matter of time before FROM THE SHALLOWS take the next step from torchbearers of Ohio metalcore to conquerors of the world.



Beyond The Unknown

May 08, 2007

New full track (no vocals)

No release date


Greensboro, NC

Josue Cafe

Independence, MO

United States

United States

Trevor Pratt

Aztec, NM


Emmett, ID


Ingleside, TX

Lethal (monster mosh)

United Kingdom

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