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  • Arendina said:
    Holla, I'm Arendina you commented me a looong time ago but i havent logged on untill today, you said in your first comment that taking back sunday was one of your influences, thats pretty rad i love TBS. anyway i dig your stuff, its pretty cool. Mar 29
  • said:
    1979 cover. :D smashing pumpkins nig. Nov 27
  • .all.of.this.is.to.glorify.Your.name. said:
    ummm excuse me sir- but you are exactly right. this music is fun. i think you should have a show. :) around a bonfire. i\'ll bring some marshmellows. have fun kiddd- allecks. Nov 07
  • Nicolle said:
    you have a really great voice, i\'m basically in love with it. --nicolle ps. i adore your picture ahah so cool. Oct 10
  • Allex kaaappoww ! :] said:
    ur really hottt ! and ur music is amazing ;] ilu 11 more days Oct 07
  • [devin//face] said:
    reneeee Aug 17
  • Rida Inspi(red) said:
    cool music May 30
  • said:
    mmm this is really goog dear! May 13
  • stefxmanytears said:
    Hey Ree how r u? =) Apr 24
  • Fall Out Fo Tay said:
    L.O.V.E. Taylor Dayne Apr 03
  • Kaley Owens said:
    heyy sup!?!? these songs hav great potential and for home recordings it sounds great!! Mar 30
  • cali said:
    hey, how are things? loving the music. take care. =) Mar 25
  • valiali07 said:
    wait no i lied #2 is good lol Mar 13
  • valiali07 said:
    awesome awesome i like the wait is over gunna download it later Mar 13
  • HardxCore hearts x3 said:
    your voice is so cutee :]] i love itt Mar 12
  • emoanna said:
    nice guitar skills Mar 01
  • said:
    2nd comment!!!!!!!!! it indeed a good thing since im very picky with music! dude u really have something GOOD going on here! cant wait to hear it proffesionally recorded especially like the guitar playing.....mad skillz dude! XD comment back ;P Feb 26
  • said:
    =D i like song 2 the bestest Feb 26
  • MCS_rocka said:
    yo! i bet your music is awesome but me being the freaking devoted catholic was stupid enough to give up music for lent. and it\'s only about less than a week into it and im dead. so dude on easter day first thing im doing is listening to my ipod then coming to listen to this! because i really liked Spinlightbassist. plus you read or atleast take notice of what you do read! thats awesome. PEACE! Feb 25
  • Chriselle! said:
    hii! sorry i havent been able respond in a long time. ive been busy. hah. so anyway the songs are great. the growling seems off though, but its probably because of the recording quality. if you have a banner i can advertise you on my myspace. =]]] keeeppp it up Feb 20