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From Plan To Progress


Genres: Punk / Hardcore

Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

Stats: 52 fans / 3,469 plays / 20 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Pete (Vox), Fanny(Guitar/BV's), Kal(Guitar/BV's) Nick (Bass), Phil (Drums)

From Plan to Progress are a four piece fast melodic hardcore band playing music in the vain of Strike Anywhere and Rise Against. We recorded with Peter Miles for the 6 track EP, titled 'Bombs, Towns and Chords' which was released September 2005. Two tracks off the E.P are available for download here.

You can purchase the CD through PayPal, its 4.50 Pounds (inc P+P)

Its also available online from:


  • NastyaParanoid said:
    loooove you, guys :) Sep 11
  • nick said:
    you guys are excellent. Dec 13
  • sabrina said:
    Awsomee =] Aug 27
  • said:
    sound clean and i like running for their lives again Feb 12
  • maybe mem0ries said:
    you guys are really good :] Feb 11
  • *Perfectly*Imperfect* said:
    yall left me a message, and i checked your music out, yall are sick... i LOVE it. have a good one, and keep in touch Feb 10
  • chinookian said:
    I love your guys stuff, get some more up soon! Feb 10
  • starla_ said:
    I love you!! :_) Feb 10
  • prescribepills said:
    you guys are awesome! come play the states! (particularly virginia and d.c) Feb 10
  • bangbangandkiss said:
    well yesh i like it :) Feb 10
  • kaziesaurusrex said:
    BRIGHTON!!!! :) i come there every other summer because my moms bestfriend lives there! sweettt music thou lmao whitney houston we have a problem awsomeee name for a song!! Feb 10
  • said:
    Hey. I got the message you guys sent me. Your music is pretty awesome. I love it. :] Kayla Feb 09
  • Cheesecore said:
    Wicked sound it\'s good to see bands paying an interest in their possible listners!! nice lycrics it\'s good to see bands singing about things that affect us all!! So when are you guys playing again on your home turf?? Feb 09
  • Heatherrr said:
    You guys r amazing!! i love the sound!! Feb 09
  • kids&heroes said:
    So, i listend to your stuff, and you guys are pretty sweet. I\'ll definitly keep listening. Feb 08


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