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Released May 06, 2008

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Comments (12)

  • AidanGore said:
  • AidanGore said:
    Emily I love this song so fucking much :( Sep 20
  • lizette said:
    love the emily song so emo Dec 26
  • americanheart23@yahoo.com said:
    I love this song soooo much. May 28
  • a marc xo! said:
    this cover reminds me of the playradioplay! one. Dec 04
  • Amaryllis, the semi-n00b said:
    Regardless of what many have said about this album, it's fucking awesome. It's a new sound for them, and they owned and capture a new essence of the band and transformed it into sound for their legion of fans to listen to over and over again for all fucking time! I bow to you, oh Rad FFTL! Jun 01
  • laura richie - a sailors kiss. said:
    i love it :) May 07
  • Iar Lauren! said:
    Can't wait to get it! It took me a while to get used to the new music, but I still think it's just as great. Apr 28
  • Tella said:
    Hey guys. I am way excited for the new Cd. I love what i have heard. Personally, I like matts voice a lot better then Sonny's. Congradulations. You all rock. See ya on warped. Write back if possible? Apr 21
  • Puff The Magic Bryttni said:
    Totally getting this! Apr 16
  • Blake Palmer said:
    SEXY TIME! Apr 15
  • MarchForth said:
    I'm so excited for this new album!!!!!!!! Glad you guys are still together and rocking out. Definitely adding this to my collection. Apr 15