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Comments (10)

  • RJwb said:
    love you guys love you guys Jul 09
  • Lets get fucking freaky now said:
    that was really annoying Dec 17
  • ¡emma!♥ said:
    i really like the latest plague on this cd. my favorite song on it is waltz more. May 18
  • Grant said:
    the latest plague song is amazing. Aug 08
  • Angel of War said:
    i fucking love this CD. I have heard it a good thousand times already. they are my favourtie band they never get old, Nov 05
  • Alecstasy said:
    wow The Latest Plague is a great song ! Alexa xox Oct 29
  • Alyssa said:
    i listened to it in the shower this moring XD lol Sep 23
  • burninglifeaway said:
    These guys are awesome live Sep 16
  • andygurl09 said:
    i love from first to last they put on a great show in concert and they have awesome music, they are just amazing Sep 10
  • earthquakes said:
    fabuloso record. i love it, i love it, i love it. Jul 26