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Freezing Point


Genres: Rock / Metal / Alternative

Location: Rome, NY

Stats: 4 fans / 174 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Jay Dauback, Matt Chilluffo, Brian Jweid

Since 2003, members Jay Dauback and Matt Chilluffo have been together trying their best to make Freezing Point work. Not much success was made due to other types of music being more popular than others. Up until about 2005, the rock/metal/alternative genres were not as widely accepted in the area. Many bands came on the scene and tried to make their own stuff work. Some succeeded, but those who did were fortunate. In 2005, Freezing Point gained some member who came into the idea that this could work in the area. Since then, many members have come and gone. These changes have only helped the name of Freezing Point grow stronger and helped the music evolve to what it is today. "Sometimes things change. Sometimes the change is uncontrollable and you just can't stop it. You just have to keep your focus and hope that the change is for the good..." -Jay Dauback. After these changes took place, some shows were done, with not much more success than the earlier attempts. Freezing Point has gained some popularity in the surrounding area, but one of the main goals that Jay and Matt have been dead set on is not only to have the music accepted in the area, but WORLDWIDE. Big goals for a small town band, yes. But it has happened before, and it is sure to happen again. The members are just keeping the determination level at it's highest and hoping that when it does happen again that Freezing Point will be part of it. With a debut album planned to be released in the earlier part of 2008, Freezing Point continues to make and play the music that only continues to grow better all the time. Currently, the band is looking for a new bassist. But you know as soon as they find one that they will be out doing what they like to do best....play their music for their fans, and altogether keeping their focus on their goals that they have set for themselves.

We've done shows with such locals as:
Blind Tuesday
Nothing For You
Road To Ruin
27 Stitches
........and many others......



  • brandon said:
    Keep the drive alive. Its not about success fame or money but about loving what you do. You guys have exemplified this through and through. Just keep doing what you do and dispite what's popular you will always know that you added your two cents into a two cent town. I miss you guys. -Hman Jan 13
  • said:
    dudes I saw you guys inthe XPRESS, interesting....haha Apr 17


Nov 30, 2007