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Genres: Indie / Alternative / Pop

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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Members: Paul, Scott, Dave


Deep Elm Record's Free Diamonds are poised to set the world on its ear with a debut that pulses with a dangerous mix of nervous energy and sexually charged, aggressive rock 'n' roll swagger. Call it post-punk; call it art rock; call it an ass-shaking, eardrum-splitting, dizzying set of extraordinary songs that cohere into a truly remarkable, irreverent whole. Perhaps the most riveting aspect of their approach to songwriting is the acrobatic way that each song careens from dexterous jazz rhythms to clean and concise post-punk stomp to joyful guitar bombs that find the band gleefully wreaking havoc upon their instruments. Even more amazing is how Free Diamonds subvert traditional rock structure, yet remain melodic and danceable. They yelp and coo, jagged and jittery, with an assuredness and a sense of humor that renounces even the slightest hint of indie pretension. There Should Be More Dancing is a simple enough proposition, but the complexity, dexterity and confidence with which England's Free Diamonds tackle the suggestion is worth a thousand listens.

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"Is it too early to start claiming Top 10 or Top 5 Debut Of The Year? I hope not, because I see There Should Be More Dancing being listed in both of those categories. Free Diamonds' debut is coming to America and I don't think us Yanks will be the same again. This is an album that could be called dance-punk, but I would really hate to limit it with this label because it is so much more. If Bloc Party was 05's voice of dance-rock from the UK, then this is the year for Free Diamonds. There Should Be More Dancing is a solid, fun, energetic debut that should land the band as much critical acclaim as it should land fans spazzing in their Converses on the dance floor. Free Diamonds should be the next band on your radar, especially if you are into such bands as Q and Not U, We Are Scientists, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Clap your Hands Say Yeah, Wolf Parade, Neon Blonde or are into very energetic and fun music." - Blogcritics

"Stop the presses! Where the fuck did Free Diamonds come from? There Should Be More Dancing is a wonderful art rock expose that just about teeters on the brink of lunacy. Meshing together the frantic, angular art punk styles of The Mae Shi with the skronkish dance rhythms of The Planet The, There Should Be More Dancing is as much fun as it is sonically adventurous. If you are down with the sassy yet noisy art punk that has been coming out of Los Angeles these days I highly recommend that you do whatever you can to seek this album out." - Under The Volcano

"The North East certainly enjoys rock that jerks and splutters - the Futureheads and Maximo Park being the main protagonists - but this is a tastier proposition than those two bands. Free Diamonds are more akin to This Ain't Vegas and their post-rock structure-smashing, albeit with an extra dose of delicious mania and yelping. The backdrop is ragged and quick, connecting into memorable songs by some act of God. The title of this debut is both a simple fact and a mission statement that Free Diamonds manage to see through. Jazzy beats will make you move and wiggle; this is good-time music, and it's delightfully bonkers." - Rock Sound

"As if music were some sort of exorcism, vocalists Scott Anderson and Paul Cosgrove use each song on There Should Be More Dancing to make sure the bad guys are out of their system. It's a crazy punk rock dance party with Free Diamonds showing up and bringing tons of energy! Schizophrenically bouncing from one song to another, showing amazing musicianship and natural talent just by playing and singing this stuff at the same time. Amazing! A definite trip into what making original music and self-expression are all about. So exorcise your mind and check out Free Diamonds." - Independents Only

"Legendary Deep Elm proves it's never too old to shock with the stunning Free Diamonds! This quite bonkers album is a departure for the label and Free Diamonds could never be accused of being emo or anything else. Take your pick from 'quirky,' 'crazed,' 'dangerously unstable' and 'nurse, please increase the dosage and tighten the straps on the straitjacket.' As such, comparing There Should Be More Dancing to any other musical frame of reference is always going to be hit and miss, but I'll give it a go; imagine Electric Six being rimmed by the Butthole Surfers and teabagged by Talking Heads and you're in the right mental asylum...er, ballpark. If discordance, weirdness and an incredible propensity for danceability (yes, this album thoroughly lives up to it's name) is your bag, you could do a lot worse." - Subba-Cultcha

"Any question as to how far afield Deep Elm is ranging these days should be put to rest with There Should Be More Dancing. Free Diamonds plays tight rock and roll and lays some seriously cracked vocals on top. Reminds me a lot of this upstate N.Y. band called the Wallmen, but I haven't heard from those boys in seven or eight years. No, I'd say Free Diamonds came upon this lovingly twisted sound all on its own. If you can't find the stomach to bite into this live wire, maybe you need a new game. More fun than it ought to be. Not pretty and certainly not smooth...just really good. Really, really good. Lace 'em up and get on the floor." - Aiding & Abetting

"Free Diamonds seemingly came out of nowhere with its fun breed of dancey rock and helium vocals. The zaniness on There Should Be More Dancing is controlled enough to make something which would appeal to Blood Brothers fans who are after something close to rock 'n' roll. It's fun, throwing new ideas in regularly, from the rolling post-punk bass lines to a totally hum-able tune present throughout. Whether you can get beyond vocals, musically there is a lot to enjoy here if you want your dancey spazz rock, especially when it seems not so much about the sass, but more actually having melodies and the like." - The Communion

"Sauntering precariously between lunacy and abject, no-nonsense genius, rapid fire serrated riffs lay siege propelled by what sounds like a helium enhanced vocal recanting half-remembered nursery rhymes which together merge to charge into a perplexing 'anything can happen in the next two minutes' foray. Ultimately, it's all fraught, frenetic and totally fabulous." - Losing Today

"If Free Diamonds has its way, the band will invoke more dancing just as its album title implores. Their hometown of Newcastle, England is already pogo-ing and the stateside equivalent will be in step in no time. Manic vocals and dance-punk percussion merge to form some bastardized invention of art rock. Hop, skip and a jump through the entire album and find yourself armed with smiles and taunts; pogo-punk this damn catchy deserves to be stomped into the psyche of all music listeners. The sweetest thing about There Should Be More Dancing is that you can listen to it again and again without the mere threat of the slightest boredom." - Smother

"Free Diamonds are a crazy, jazzy, post-punk spaz-rock band from Newcastle. Everything on There Should Be More Dancing is quick and nimble and the words fly as fast as the angular guitar parts. This is unlike anything that Deep Elm has done so far. Free Diamonds is a trio with both the bassist and guitarist singing the same lines, giving each song an extra dose of frenetic energy. There is some glee and wild joy in this music. Think of Pere Ubu and Blood Brothers jamming with the The Minutemen. These songs have cutting guitars that lead without overpowering and rolling bass that add some muscle to the jazzier songs. This is a fresh and original approach and it works brilliantly. The sound is not quite like what you've heard before and there's no denying the originality and execution." - Culture Bunker

"Herky jerky, spastic, nervous pop rock from the UK's Free Diamonds. The guitars are jagged, slightly reminiscent of Captain Beefheart. Free Diamonds are rockers to be sure, but their brand of rock is just plain crazy and weird. Coming up with any comparisons and possible influences is difficult because of the skewed nature of the tunes on There Should Be More Dancing. Entertainment is the ultimate goal...and as such, these guys succeed with brimming gusto. Classy bizarre tracks include International Gathering of Champions, Blind Boys, Land of Giants and Don't You Understand? Strangely enough, these tunes actually are danceable. Hard rocking and goofy stuff!. Should appeal to folks with an odd sense of humor." - babysue

"I never would've guessed these kids are from New Castle. They have arrangements like the Shins, they're snappy and they make me smile! I can just imagine a Free Diamonds show being amazing, fun and frantic. There Should Be More Dancing is a wonderful exploratory CD mixing up pop, jazz and indie elements and creating something really unexplored and current such as on songs like M Is For Missing and Modern Day Pirates. I can say honestly this is like nothing in England right now: there's no fashion and no snobby, snarky attitude. This is simply music made for strenuous stamping and dancing in front of the stage at a show near you." - Burn Burn

"This sassy, totally dance-inducing album will more than likely appeal to the same people that heard The Blood Brothers' singers and thought they sounded good. In fact, I actually like this more than The Blood Brothers. Who knows, maybe someone will catch me dancing the night away in my room to Free Diamonds." - Sparkplugg

"There Should Be More Dancing is full of spazzed out, danceable tracks boasting nimble-fingered jazz rhythms, funkified guitar parts and hyperactive, pulsating drumming. International Gathering Of Champions sets the disc in motion with enough nervous energy and frenetic urgency to fuel the best ecstasy trip or anti-depressant overdose. Blind Boys is a quirky dancer that features a repeating guitar part that fell out of the Pinback van during their Summer In Abaddon. Modern Day Pirates starts with a bitchingly catchy guitar intro and features some great melodies in between vocal outbursts, while Cuban Heels has one of the best recurring, almost Strokes-esque guitar parts you can't shake from your psyche. All in all, Free Diamonds have potential. The rhythms and guitar runs are tight and there's enough energy on There Should Be More Dancing for three full-lengths." - Aversion

"Tight, angular and yet willfully melodic Free Diamonds inhabit a space somewhere between the cluttering sass of Lock And Key and the cerebral math rock of Fugazi. There Should Be More Dancing is their calling card: it's fast, energetic and packed with enough thrilling pop hooks to cause some pretty serious eye damage." - The Downloader

"I am highly allergic to sass, but Free Diamonds possesses so much of the stuff that it has become insanely contagious. On this occasion though, I am happy to inhale as many sass fumes as the band has to offer, for There Should Be More Dancing is the good shit. Along with the sass you get some super catchy songs that are right up there with Meneguar, which is a mighty fine compliment if ever I heard one. There Should Be More Dancing clocks in smartly at half an hour, which is pretty much spot-on. What we have here is a quality post punk / indie band that has more than enough smarts about itself to do something slightly different and create a really solid debut album. Nice one!" - Collective

"Manic indie rockers, bubbling with garage rock effectiveness and gurgling with abandon." - Smother

"Free Diamonds do an amazing job with angular guitars and alarmingly charismatic vocals." - Adapt

"Quick, hyperbolic and poppy, these songs are gorgeous, refreshing and smile-inducing." - Burn Burn


  • OmgLaura said:
    Haha! I like it :D May 04
  • alicia said:
    this is crazy i love it! Feb 01
  • Brooke. said:
    very awesome and unique i adore it :) Sep 27
  • Mike Snow said:
    wow...just....wow...simply brilliant, complexly fantastic...keep up the good work fellas Dec 07
  • Miss Ally said:
    I got a headache from the things that you're doing to me. Blind Boys is awesome. Love your name too. Free Diamonds, genius. Nov 18
  • Danie V. said:
    I LIKE THE MUSIC. :]] Nov 17
  • Miss AAlee said:
    definately lovin it! Nov 02
  • ☮Katikins™ said:
    you guy's sounds are so unique, i just can't get over it (: LOVE THE TUNESS! Mar 24
  • Static Sonia said:
    AMAZING YOU GUYS truly Oct 03
  • Static Sonia said:
    AMAZING YOU GUYS truly Oct 03
  • artsyashley_1987 said:
    Free Diamonds has officially became one of my new favorites. I\'m buying the CD as soon as possible. Very original!! Aug 29
  • puddleofpink said:
    Blind Boys is pure funk!!!!! If Britain has any clue about good music ( i think its getting there ) then you guys should be so big one day. Good luck with it all. x Mar 08

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