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Video Conferencing Adds Value to Business Relations

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Running a business, a lot of client and customer relationships are made up over the phone. It is almost second nature now to pick up the phone and call a customer or business partner, to determine connections, confirm details and make leads. But so much can be missed in a phone call. Without interactive video, the littlest frown or subtle smirk can't be picked up in the tone of a person's voice. These tells could mean whether carrying out a particular span of conversation is going to win a sale or drastically sour relations.

Email only compounds the problem. It's great for keeping in contact with clients, sending large documents for example proposals, quickly and conveniently but there is no way to inform if your customer is growing frustrated with a service unless they say it outright. Anybody who works in business know it is extremely rare that individuals speak their mind.

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Passing up on face to face meetings can leave businesses wondering why they've lost among their best clients or how they were able to a contract against the odds. At the same time going out to visit clients in person is usually prohibitively expensive and impractical, especially in a period when even smaller businesses can work internationally. Its here that interactive video comes into its very own.

Video conferencing has come a long way since the days where only the boardrooms of massive conglomerates can afford them. Even then, lack of proper networks meant interactive video systems often served to establish how wealthy the organization was around any practical purpose. Since a lot of the world is wired for wide capacity telephony, particularly for internet and cell phone communication video conferencing is much more practical than ever before.

The kinds of systems available on the market differ wildly. You will find systems for every type of function. Most smart phones nowadays add a camera that allows for video calls. While they're good for families to keep in touch they are not exactly ideal for business conference calls. It doesn't look very professional to spend an entire video conference along with you arm stretched out before you and have the camera constantly shaking.

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There are desk set conferencing units that are essentially a phone having a high resolution display attached. If you don't take up a lot more space that a regular phone, a managing director might have face to face video conferencing calls with customers and clients from her desk. Celebrate a huge difference when establishing business relations to be able to pick up the telephone and see an amiable face at the other end.

For video conferencing that may involve multiple people but cant take up too much space, for instance if its to be used in a meeting or training room, you will find interactive video units that utilise a set panel monitor the size of a sizable TV. On the largest scale you will find what is called tele-presence video conferencing systems. This is when a complete wall of the boardroom is taken up by a screen. During conferences another board room or group from the meeting room are shown in such a way that it is nearly as if they are in the same room.

Posted Apr 27, 2012 at 11:33am