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  • jewlz136 said:
    if i ever see you around ny im hugging you Jan 07
  • Jrod26 said:
    your music rocks! Jan 07
  • persnicketykid said:
    you pretty much effing rock. get ur lyrics up there i wanna read em real bad!! Jan 06
  • Beka Anne Rose said:
    definitley my kinda music, lovin it, you guys rock seu xXx Jan 06
  • HeyItsEmmaD said:
    also u need some downloads Jan 06
  • -beejishot- said:
    dude u need to let us download your songs! Jan 06
  • HeyItsEmmaD said:
    I think their talented at wiritng, playing and singing. not bad. Jan 06
  • surfitup77 said:
    hot. Jan 06
  • xStraylights said:
    f.ing sweet. whats the news on your cd && jazz? i wanna buy it. Jan 06
  • jamin3 said:
    you guys sound good.. i think you would like a little affair http://www.purevolume.com/alittleaffair ~jamin Jan 06