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  • said:
    i like your songs. they\'re cool Feb 16
  • thegirlmegan said:
    FREDDY! heyy its megan from the EMI after partay! dudee how are things? me and my sister ( karli) just love your site! its like the coolest thing ever! well take care and good luck in everything you are doing! Feb 11
  • Hansell D said:
    man you\'re pretty talented for just one guy. Feb 11
  • EleventyErica said:
    i love ur music, ur really good!!! -a new fan Feb 07
  • miketheguitarist said:
    Freddy, you are the man! great songwriting! Feb 05
  • constantstatic_x said:
    i absolutely love your music cant wait for a cd Jan 30
  • What Is Hip? said:
    Do you think you could post the lyrics to your songs cause i think that they are really good and i want to share them with my friends. Thanx Jan 29
  • StillLifeInAVacuum said:
    Downloads would be awesome. Jan 23
  • sundaystea said:
    You rock! Even If is my favorite Jan 22
  • said:
    Ah-mazing. Your music has a really really really great vibe to it. It\'s the kind that you could just hang out with your friends listening to, or it could be playing during your first kiss, or it fits perfectly to just jump in your car on a beautiful day and just take a drive. Perfect music. I really really love it. And you\'re beautiful so it\'s actually a pleasure to open up your purevolume page. Hopefully you will make your songs downloadable. That would just make everyones day. Keep up the breath-taking work. Jan 22
  • The Funk In The Punk said:
    Hey, if you\'ve got a cd out or when you do, i wanna be the first one to have it... I love your music!!! Jan 22
  • BNJskate said:
    your hott Jan 20
  • faux AMOUR said:
    i love the music (: CD? Jan 19
  • Dinkygirl said:
    OOOooooooh! Well don\'t you have the whole package... Good music.. Great looks... ;) Refreshing songs :) Jan 19
  • KorovaSpots said:
  • said:
    totally not my usual style of music but heck, Defying Gravity made me smile.... Jan 18
  • dantastic6 said:
    i need ur cd. ur stuff is so good. Jan 18
  • faux AMOUR said:
    oh my. all i can say is wow. amazing music, mister. Jan 18
  • xlhfx said:
    ur music is awesome!!!very relaxing. Jan 18
  • xcrossmyheart* said:
    i love you. Jan 17