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  • call0me7cari said:
    I REALLY like your music. just thought you should know this. Feb 28
  • snyderisamazing said:
    your good, i really like it keep kicking ass and holding out Feb 28
  • PAniC~!~PuNK66 said:
    ok hes great! Feb 28
  • superdeeduperkylee said:
    I like Freddy! Feb 28
  • greenday464 said:
    this is some of the best stuff i\'ve heard on purevolume on a while. i love it! Feb 28
  • lala_and_ames said:
    you make me happy. =] Feb 28
  • Cupid'sChokehold<3er said:
    you can rockk my world anytime. =P Feb 28
  • said:
    woah ur reli good! i just added u on myspace too :) but u should put some downloadable songs up! Feb 28
  • xcrossmyheart* said:
    you\'re really great. [: i really like the song \"defying gravity\". it\'s so upbeat and it makes me want to dance! Jan 25
  • thegirlmegan said:
    ahhh i haven\'t talked to you in forever! how are you doing? Nov 02
  • said:
    hey i have sum lyrics, check em out and tell me wat u think, thx and great music Aug 21
  • bklynight27 said:
    HEY YO, Freddy. Awesome music dude, hit up Times Square sometime and Rock on. Jul 25
  • fuckthesystem732 said:
    sweet music Jul 25
  • Micheleangelo said:
    I hope the recording with Arthur, \"A\" in S.H.A.G. goes great in L.A. You have a great voice! Peace, Michele May 18
  • BNJskate said:
    your music is perfection Apr 02
  • KE-> said:
    freddy! besides the fact that you make an amazing set of tunes, you are flipping sweet. You are yourself, and there needs to be a lot more of you in this world! Keep making amazing music! btw, sweet lyrics too! -kelly Mar 03
  • CantEverGetEnufMusic said:
    Are we ever going to get a CD or songs to download? lyrics? something? ... Feb 19
  • thegirlmegan said:
    you inspire me. Feb 17
  • :|| !!Laughing_Plastic!! ||: said:
    You\'re not signed are you? That sucks, seriously you need to be, because I think you have great talent. Plus the fact that are you are damn sexy, doesn\'t hurt either. Love ya. Feb 17
  • xokaiteox said:
    wow guy...ur awsm...i really really need ur cd!! or at least some downloads! i cant find ur music any where! well im out...ah ur so awsm...and really cute =) lol ox katie Feb 16