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  • pvgolfer said:
    Great music! Everyone i\'ve told about your music has loved it. When making your tour schedule keep the Quad Cities (on the Iowa/Illinois border) in mind! Mar 07
  • xjomolala said:
    i love ur music. Mar 07
  • Franklin's Hero said:
    so, I think we should be able to download your songs because some of us don\'t have ipods and need to put them on cds... plus it would save everyone a lot of time and would get your music out even more. I know I share new stuff with friends more than I do underwear... that\'s a lot by the way Mar 05
  • im gonna save the world said:
    pretty awesome these songs make me smile =] Mar 05
  • gotmilk4859 said:
    you guys are awesome!! i love the music, and i hope yall get signed soon!! Mar 04
  • HersheyKiss55596 said:
    you guys are really good =] Mar 04
  • said:
    Your music is just amazing... please let us download some songs :( Mar 04
  • [regret] nothing said:
    your music and your blogs just made my whole day better! you sound amazing, and your music makes me happy! xox Mar 04
  • mischbell said:
    I Have An Insatiable Appetite For Your Music How Can I Get Your Album? Is There One? Mar 04
  • aLittlelonely said:
    You remind me of my friends at school: crazy, funny, and cool. Love your music! I\'m sure you\'ll get signed. God has his ways... aLl, Chelsea Mar 04
  • pirateszombiesmermaids said:
    wow. i like your music. and i was reading everything on your billboard and your blog, and was amazed at how clever you are. im smiling really big :] Mar 04
  • --OH it's MUSIC. said:
    make your music downloadable!! your music BELONGS on my ipod :) by the way, you\'re adorable ;) come to vancouver Mar 03
  • chuck. said:
    Freddy has: a hypnotizing voice & adorableness. It\'s love :) You\'re the awesomest! -Erin- Mar 03
  • roozer91 said:
    wow i absolutely LOVE your music. you\'re very talented!! Mar 03
  • thatkayleegirl said:
    Mmm, beautiful. Mar 03
  • Ju!ie said:
    you are so good...i LOVE Defying Gravity! Please make it downloadable i wish i could listen to it someplace other than my computer! Mar 03
  • Franklin's Hero said:
    your blog sounds like my train of thought on the tube tuesday mornings on the way to eat crepes with a miscelaneous lover... Mar 03
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    Wow you are ridiculously especially good. My fav song is \"Something About That Girl\". Please make it downloadable. My hands getting tired of clicking it over and over again Mar 03
  • Jlaccurso16 said:
    how are you not signed? Mar 02
  • nonstoptalker said:
    i love the black and white photos! Mar 02