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  • the itzee-bitzee spider said:
    i agree, you guys need to make it downloadable!!!! Aug 28
  • shaula martell said:
    you guys finally got featured :DD Aug 28
  • SinnerAshes said:
    i absolutly love your music. and thanks to you\'re billboard i now fully understand my life. lol. thanks for getting me laid! =P Aug 28
  • celestial_stars11 said:
    LOVE your music!! :D you should make this stuff downloadable though..i\' LOVe to put it on my ipod!! : ) Aug 21
  • shaula martell said:
    hmm im feeling you guys in va beach, va would be a good thing eh? Aug 08
  • xpinnedseparatex said:
    Say, will you be pre-releasing your album? Er, meaning, can we pre-order it at some point? May 20
  • xpinnedseparatex said:
    Why is it that I listen to your music nearly EVERY DAY? it\'s addicting. I want your album. Soon. May 20
  • xpinnedseparatex said:
    Your music really brightens my day, Freddy. I can\'t wait until the album, and I hope you never become a sell-out. :) May 12
  • call0me7cari said:
    um, so your music makes me really happy.... Apr 09
  • __LxG said:
    another fan of you that really LOVES your music. xx Apr 06
  • StacieRoo said:
    oh my goodness i heard defying gravity for the first time yesterday and i fell in love...you\'re amayzing Mar 22
  • say AAAAAAW said:
    guys i can\'t stop hear ur musics \"defying gravity \'n Closer To Heaven\" r fucking amazing X) Mar 18
  • bassmerelda said:
    hahaha. I like your billboard. Other than likeing your billboard I really like your music too! :) Mar 17
  • youmeandthisredkoolaid said:
    Keep it up. Mar 16
  • Jlaccurso16 said:
    Freddy=Amazingly Amazing Rock on buddy:-) Mar 14
  • aeffa said:
    these songs make me happy :) Mar 14
  • GabbyControlYourself said:
    Ahh. I can\'t wait for a CD. I reallyreally like your music. It\'s different than what I usually listen to. Good job. :] Mar 14
  • Primal Enemy 14 said:
    Hey u guys rock! If u can check out the band. PRIMAL ENEMY at purevolume.com/primalenemy Mar 13
  • said:
    definetly adore ur music!! do u have a cd cuuz i want it :D and when u go on tour COME TO SAN DIEGO!!! i kno soo many peopel who would go just from my school!!! Mar 11
  • Nicky said:
    I listened to all the songs and loved every single one of them. Mar 08