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  • said:
    omg you guys have something that is seriously hard and extremely rare to find.....yay! Freddy and The Dials....love ur new fan!!!.... Nov 07
  • blueluvs_berry said:
    perfect wall is amazing! i can totally relate Nov 01
  • wow its rachh said:
    aaw you took defying gravity offff, but i loove something about that girl stillll, i havent listened to you guys in months, but immm hoooked again (: Oct 13
  • longdistanceloveletter said:
    eeeeek, this is amazing, Oct 07
  • xpinnedseparatex said:
    What blueluvs_berry said. Perfext Wall lyrics, much thanks. Sep 28
  • xpinnedseparatex said:
    I. Love. You. Sep 28
  • longdistanceloveletter said:
    i liiike. actually, love. something about that girl is so great. downloads? maybe? Sep 27
  • blueluvs_berry said:
    lyrics. perfect wall. now. Sep 12
  • discobear said:
    i am seriously in love with you guys!!! your music is amazing.... especially perfect wall and defying gravity! could you please put up defying gravity? Sep 05
  • stefanie! said:
    love you boys! you\'ve got such a wacky beat that just makes me dance a little :).. i totally love every song. keep up the good work. maybe post some lyrics though?? well thanks. byee -stefanie Sep 03
  • The Process Of Elimination said:
    I love Too Much! It\'s FRIGGIN AWESOME! I listen to it all the time. It\'s one of the best songs you have, I mean, the whole \"birds on a secret garden\" part goes with your voice really well. Sep 01
  • music_is_life_ said:
    you guys rock! =D u guys have awesome music... Aug 31
  • patt009 said:
    hello panic at the disco! Aug 31
  • samii. eulogy said:
    neof uu singlee-->? Aug 30
  • manheretoliveitup said:
    Yo Yo. Waz up dudes U rock Aug 29
  • ohXliz said:
    u gys are fuckin hottttt =] i love the music. please keep it up and come to omaha for a concert Aug 29
  • Mr Menard said:
    Hey you guys should put barrow street on your myspace page Aug 29
  • Jett23 said:
    you guys are great! Aug 29
  • bio said:
    Hi! Aug 28
  • honkifyoureflawed said:
    ok so your billboard just pretty much made my day.....v. v. cool guys. Aug 28