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Released Aug 20, 2007

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Comments (4)

  • Melissa L. said:
    Calling all Kidd Kraddick fans - this is a great primer on Freddy's music! Freddy - if you read this- you are AMAZING! :) I can't wait to hear more! May 12
  • im gonna save the world said:
    the CD comes out on my birthday too! thats pretty exciting!! =] Mar 05
  • ssstoked3410 said:
    so excited! your CD comes out on my birthday! you can bet that it\'s on the shopping list. Mar 01
  • Mellx18 said:
    is defying gravity going to be on the cd its not listed on the picture and i really like that song. if your able too i would put it on there its amazing. keep up the good work :] Mar 01