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Frank Trio


Genres: Jazz / Funk / Electronic

Location: Durango, CO

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Members: Pete Pheteplace- guitar, Giovanni Rovetto-basses, Ryan McCurry- keyboards, Corey Sheridan-drums/percussion

The Frank Trio, of Durango, Co., is a group of experienced musicians who came together under a common vision that defies catagorization. Elements of jazz, funk, rock, hip hop, dance, and electronic music culminate in a hard hittin experience that both provokes thought and inspires movement. Songs that focus on groove, texture and mood contrast with well written compositions that have solid hooks and interesting changes. Dynamic, experienced and musical, the Frank Trio can be as delicate as they can be raw and unhinged. The incorporation of computer technology into the compositional process as well as live performance opens limitless possibilities to this exciting ensemble.

Frank Trio began as a trio of bass, drums and guitar back in the late summer of '02. As the band progressed, it struggled to acheive the full sound it was looking for. The addition of keyboards in May of '03 completed the lineup and Frank Trio became a quartet. The four musicians studied together at Fort Lewis College allowing them the opportunity to work with musicians such as Alex Acuna and Peter Erskine, as well as the opportunity to perform at the 2004 Reno Jazz Festival where the Frank Trio, working in conjunction with two other musicians, took 2nd place in the jazz combo competition. Three of the four musicians have since graduated and the other is still attending.

Frank Trio has since; been playing shows throughout the state of Colorado, been selected to participate in the '05 10,000 Lakes Festival's Cosmic Break Contest, put together and completed its first tour playing shows in Virginia, New York, and Vermont, and has completed a six track EP. The Trio has shared the stage with acts such as Garaj Mahal, The Motet, The B-Side Players, Tony Furtado Band, Drums and Tuba, and Drew Emmit with Freedom Ride.



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