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  • Partie Music Club said:
    Very Good! Feb 23
  • Jayson Tyler said:
    dija bija dija bija dija boodah..dija boooodah dija boojahhh No don't shoot, No don't shoot, No don't shoot....NO!!! May 03
  • Maria said:
    you guys are crazy live. loved it xD Feb 20
  • Dan said:
    freakin awesome concert. yezzir Jan 25
  • whosthggnnw said:
    your concert in Omaha was off the chain last night!! Jan 20
  • -X_(hello universe)_X- said:
    Sky!! Last time you were in Arizona you jumped into the crowd and your beard was so sweaty I fuckin stank like you the whole ride home! haha just so you know :D Jun 28
  • Rose-Doesn't-Care:P said:
    FOXY SHAZAM! Apr 13
  • Vava :D said:
    BEST BAND EVER! :) Mar 13
    ohhhhhhhhhh by the way, i know your album isn't going to be out for awhile, but i have already heard it XD it is freakin amazing! you can't connect me is my favorite song off that album, the melody hypnotizes me Mar 09
    going to your show in your home town...... trust me ill be crazy! lol Mar 09
  • Coreh said:
    I love Eric's new hairstyle. :P Mar 02
  • a[R]t[C] said:
    don't shoot for downloadddd????? i can't find it anywhere (on itunes) Nov 26
  • cami! said:
    come to nebraska! Oct 27
  • killuhkayyy said:
    havent seen u guys at a local show in a few years. :( Oct 22
  • Matt said:
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  • Luke said:
    Hey everybody check out my new mastered song "Cinderella" by "Pure Luk" my solo project. It is currently up and available for free download. Get it while you can! ----www.purevolume.com/pureluk---- Sep 13
  • natalayyy said:
    woah? you guys are amazing :D Sep 11
  • jordan jenkins said:
    this band sonds like shit, iF shit was super bad ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iVe never herd any thing like it b4. there 4 they are the most awsomest band ever. Sep 10
  • Connor said:
    I saw you guys in San Diego. Wow. That was a show. Sep 09
  • brea said:
    ahhhhhmazing! Sep 07