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Four Day Hombre


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indie

Location: United Kingdom

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4 tracks

Members: Simon Wainwright (Vocals, Guitar & Piano), Rich Huxley (Vocals & Guitar), Ed Waring (Keyboards), Jason Miller (Bass), Ash (Drums)

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New Single - Dont Go Gently:
Released 12.06.06 - Great B-Side:


New Video Nasty- Dont Go Gently:


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Join our giant sparkling love spreader! Very much not your average 'street team', you will be in the privileged position of witnessing and helping in the development of a unique fan-funded indie record label, run by the band. Shinning stars and little gems wanted to further bejewel our sparkling spreader.

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Quick Biog:

Four Day Hombre have crafted a sublime sound, a breathtaking live show, and their own fan funded record label . Its a life affirming and truly remarkable story. Please listen to the music here, and become a part of that story. Thanks.


They sound like Elbow with bigger beards and better dreams - NME
Scorching and Beautiful in all the right places - Jo Whiley, BBC Radio 1
Utterly fantastic - Music Week
My new favourite band - Marsha Shandur, XFM
Smash-your-head-into-a-wall brilliant - Entertainment Weekly (USA)
Four minutes sixteen seconds of absolute perfection - Chris Moyles, BBC Radio 1
Like Elbow on speed...they have a real knack for plugging into your emotional cortex and up-ending body and mind in a hurricane of noise. Beautiful and furious - X Ray Magazine
Brilliant. Proper emotional and thoughtful guitar angst. Just buy it. - Fly


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Q) Can I get hold of live tracks, rarities, etc on mp3?
A) Yes. Go here: Bootleg Hombre (Unofficial - Thanks to Trigger)

Q) I have pictures of FDH, what can i do with them?
A) Great, you could put them here: FDH Flickr group (Unofficial - Thanks to Rickr)

Q) Can I help?
A) Yes.

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  • wORm said:
    Daylight came, and suddenly there's hope...&social. I love it. A perfect preview of what's to come. All the best! May 16
  • billybobsgirl123 said:
    You guys should post the lyrics to your songs. I would love to read them. I am absoulutly in love with \"the first word is the hardest\" and \"day by day\". Amazing! Aug 08
  • Enara said:
    just heard your tracks loving them all never heard of you before you should promote your band more because you rock dude xEnax Jun 26
  • kronow said:
    man cant stop lishening to your music get more i like the live song thats awsome aswell. i think my whole street likes them now :P Jun 11
  • kronow said:
    awsome music guys loving it :D keep it going support all the way Jun 08
  • aussie9 said:
    I\'m loving \'Day by Day\'. Where will I be able to get a copy of the vinyl release? May 25
  • wORm said:
    i LOVE the video for \'don\'t go gently\'! It\'s so poignant despite it being an animation. Great work! May 22
  • LouiseAnn said:
    I think you guys might be my new favourite band, that is a very big achievement! Hope to see you soon x Apr 07
  • LaraRuffle said:
    I love you Mar 23
  • musesparrow said:
    Hey - you guys are amazing! I love the music. X Mar 16
  • Punkawaller said:
    bad luck Mark, i\'ve already bought AND sent them a unicorn! Mar 07
  • retro said:
    I just have to say, that everyone needs to see/hear your guys live, it needs to be made into some kind of rule!!Your one of the best live bands ive seen! Mar 06
  • xxlorynxx said:
    awwsomme isnt even th word t describe u guys... immense does it th closest t th truth x Mar 03

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