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What's up ballers. This is nathaniel! I just recently got a new tattoo. Thought i should share with you what it means an why it's so read and swollen. (that's what she said...) Ok now that i got that out of my system...

From my understand of past Heath Ledger movie watching and studying wars in High school, Fourth Feathers was a sign of being a huge fucking coward! I've loved this concept for years now and finally decided to get it fittingly tattooed under another tattoo that says "Awake O Sleeper." I have been a huge coward in the past and this is my reminder not to be one again. I really want to step in to uncomfortable situations, i believe it will help me grow.

Now there are a few things to discuss here. Anyone that has a tattoo that's reading this knows how damn itchy it is right now...haha. But more than that and more than the constant lube applications, i'd like to fill you in more on WHY i was a coward in the past.

I'm committed to being an open book so if anyone has questions please send them my way. Ok. Any one of my friends here in the city know that i'm all about getting to know people and that when i'm getting to know a women that i don't believe i can get to know here and start with all the romantic touching at the same time. I've lived by a fucked up standard in the past. Constantly planning ways to get into girls' pants and still some how be friends after i knew i was going to not let it go farther than a few nights. One reason why i was a coward right there, i was never straight up with the women i slept with. Not until after i got what i wanted at least!
There was one woman i did get to know without motivation for romance, or touching, or dating, none of that, just to get to know her. The effect of getting to know her was this ridiculous attraction. She finally made her way out east to come visit, but when it came time to jump off the cliff and see where my faith would take us, i bailed out. I found the first girl in site that i could use to not only fuck up what i had going for me, but also sling me back into my old standard of attraction, which was appearance and touch. This sent me into a downward spiral and i found out finally, like a slap in the face. Me. Nathaniel Wayne Swokowski cannot base my attraction to a woman based off appearance or touch or just connection. I really need to get to know someone and without all the touching or motivation to touch involved. I really fucked up something good and got the tattoo to remind me to step in to things. Continue learning, admitting my wrongs, and especially to have courage not be a coward.

p.s. i finally for the first time in months spoke with the one that i fucked over. it was a great conversation. I'll keep you updated...

these blogs will be weekly. hope you don't hate em.

p.p.s. listening to radiohead mostly as of recent. and reading the twilight series by stephanie meyer...word


A fitting title for an artist with many frameworks to his life, all of which have brought him to where he is today. From being a minister's son, to his struggle with women, and his down right stubborn drive to do things the way his mind eye takes him. This is the short story of Nathaniel W. Swokowski.

"How Great Thou Art": a hymn in which Swokowski tagged as his favorite The emotions this hymn stirred within him brought Swokowski to a place of ecstasy, unknown to him before this time. "The way the Pearson family sang this song gave me goose bumps every time! I love when hymns are sung in a gospel fashion." Though maybe unclear and subconscious at the time, it was obvious that the gospel hymns in his Fathers Church would have a huge impact on his music later in life. Swokowski even played drums during worship service for years, which taught him rhythm, but it would be his curiosity that would lead him to his love.

2:23 PM. Thirty-Seven minutes until school was over. Now, during Algebra II was his chance. "I use to say I had to go to the bathroom and then run as fast as I could down to the choir room to play piano for ten minutes. When my teacher asked why I was gone so long, I would just start describing my bathroom experience as grotesque as I could until he became annoyed with me and woul tell me to just sit down and get to work." Swokowski was only a junior in high school when he would skip class in order to teach himself how to play piano. It would be in his high school's empty choral room that Swokowski would discover, chord by chord, his love for the piano.

"And I'm stronger, cause I left you, girl, before you left me…" Swokowski's lyrical influences stem from his love and disdain for the women in his life. The lack of a motherly figure during his youth, along with heartbreak and scorn from past lovers has collided with his appreciation for the female form and intellect to create a plethora of descriptive songs reflecting on the women in his life. Fotograph is an open book; it is a window into the soul of Swokowski.

With influences ranging from Babyface and the Bee Gee's to Coldplay and Rufus Wainwright, Fotograph is eclectic, soulful, rhythmic, and heartfelt. "I distinctly remember dancing around in our living room when I was maybe eight to "Celebrate" by Cool and the Gang and many, many tracks from the "Bee Gees. I love the combination of soulful singing with runs and straight up dance/disco."

Somewhat of a nomad, Swokoski's journies have taken him from the quiet Mid-western towns of Kansas City, Kansas and Appleton, Wisonsin, to the hustle and bustle of New York City. It has been his travels that have influenced him most as a musician, with his latest destination, New York City, cementing his style and musicianship. On stage, Swokowski seems to hearken back to his days singing gospel songs in his father's church. He leads the crowd on a musical and spiritual pilgrimage, allowing his music to surge through his audience.

If you recognize this young man you're probably from the Midwest and a fan of his former band, Ivory. Though still working with his old boys and best friends he is discovering his love for other music and is continuing to be open about who he is and who he strives to become. This is foto:graph. As Swokowski says "We are all apart of this, together."


  • christian mathias canchola or conch said:
    hey sooo you need to make a new album cause after like 3 years Iv only heard these 3 songs and take it slow saved my relationship once and yeah man I live in California tellin yuh cause it seems like everyone else is doing it owh and I was the only person that played a song from you today and I'll do it tomorrow but yeah man get on it cause I made a damn account just to say this May 05
  • Kaci said:
    I do believe you should come to Austin Texas, cause you know, that's where it's at homes. :) Mar 02
  • MusicXisXmyXimaginaryXfriend said:
    So I am very addicted to your music. I can not stop listing to it. I will just sit for hours listing to the same three songs over and over aging. When there is new music I am sure that I will be just as addicted to it. Can not wait. Feb 16
  • joethemieden said:
    I really appreciate the musings and transparency. I think that's what people want nowadays. No more fake crap: just honest, profound thoughts. love the music, always have. Thanks for what you did in Ivory and here. Keep it up dude. Dec 30
  • Mattie said:
    i saw you at the canal club too! f'real it was greatt. please keep playing & don't forget to come back to richmond when you're making it big! Dec 04
  • k said:
    I saw you at ur first show ever and you were SOOOOOOO SOOOOO SOOOOO amazing!!! I love you!!!!!!! Dec 02
  • n0tthtgirl said:
    haha you read twilight?? thats amazing. Oct 20
  • estherthebester said:
    Ugh you guys were so sick I listen to the songs everyday (: Sep 24
  • Aivi said:
    come to New Orleans pplzzzzz May 25
  • juanpamolina said:
    GOD! I love this band...!!! May 05
  • Mr. Mike said:
    So Pumped to see you're playing at Summerfest with the working title! Thank you! Apr 01
  • rocksinger4ever said:
    looooove the music, it's amazing Mar 17
  • grrrawrlauren said:
    you have the most amazing voice i\'ve EVER heard! i just can\'t get enough. Feb 15
  • use'r'name_____ said:
    these new songs are pretty amazing- i think Shy is my fav. though i wish the songs from the ep were still up or at least Coast of Maine-love that song. Dec 27
  • TheBrokenCycle said:
    so good!! Nov 25


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