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  • paulo cruz said:
    HEY guys! This KID needs your support! He's only 14 years old and he's trying his best to write some good songs. PLEASE LISTEN! www.purevolume.com/crambola Oct 04
  • imRIGHT23 said:
    i love you guys yall are amazing! and i cant wait for nov.22 HOUSTON TX! ive seen yall once and was blown away and i went to scream the prayer and idk what happen yall didnt get to play :( but yes i cant wait you guys have made a huge impact on me and my 1st tattoo is gana be lyrics by yall :D joel the watchmen is the grates song ever!! Oct 01
  • Rissa The Burly Lmberjack said:
    gahh i wanna throw pumpkin muffins at you you're so great! Sep 30
  • ZOMGits_AHLEX said:
    i liked it better when mattie was in besieged. Sep 21
  • Dust to Glory said:
    Stuffs Rank bro Sep 18
  • Rocstar Kendall said:
    ur like my new favorite band! keep it up! Sep 14
  • Walter Oney said:
    Oh wow you guys are amazing! Wish you the best of luck! walter Sep 12
  • xBr00t4lBrandonx said:
    "This is your Redemption!" Sep 11
  • Nathaniel Vellacott said:
    so brutal. praise the lord for bands like you!!! god bless Sep 09
  • Ben Elliott said:
    dang... i'm diggin you all Sep 07
  • x Mosh4ever x said:
    manoo.... e foda demais Aug 31
  • TRICK! said:
    you guys are really helpin me proclaim jesus christ. thank you for your help and amazing music Aug 31
  • cpop™ said:
    you all make me speechless. Aug 18
  • FreeGreenBeenz said:
    The Redeemer is a weapon in Unreal Tournament. Immanuel doesn't sound anything like it. Aug 17
  • Matt said:
    damn! i love you Aug 13
  • xMORAx said:
    Aug 07
  • [thisISN'ToverTILLiSAYitsOVER] said:
    Redemption is by far the best song ever written!!!!! Aug 04
  • Daniel said:
    Saw you guys tonight in NYC, wish you could have had a longer set, guys were a blessing. thanks. Aug 01
  • ToNy said:
    u guyz are Awsome Jul 30
  • Jonny D. said:
    New album is amazing...God bless you guys! Jul 30