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For The Wait

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Genres: Rock / Alternative / Metal

Location: New Orleans, LA

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Few artist will make their own path, Sacrifice everything to follow their own ideals and create with the intention for change, To make a difference, To be a voice in defining their own genre, Separate, and become a part of something greater than themselves as individuals

For The Wait is guided by a conceptual and intuitive ideology that defines an unmistakable sound. This intuition has transcended in every aspect of their career. From concept to reality, For The Wait is a distinct voice that refuses to compromise. Accepting no musical boundary, and free from all limitations, the band has defied common notions of song writing that has lead to their creative breakthrough,"Separation."

"Separation," is the first step towards For The Wait's growth and understanding as artists. Their sophomore release reveals a mature and sophisticated side of the band and showcases a dark, progressive sound. In order to tap into this musical vision, the band completely stripped themselves of all influences and familiar patterns. "We went into this record with the intention to define our own sound and make the album we've always wanted to make with no questions asked. We didn't even want to know what a rock or metal song sounded like." The band began to think outside of their instruments during the writing process as well by experimenting with tiphanies, pianos, percussions, and different stringed instruments in an attempt to create a cinematic theme."All it took for us to make a great record was belief in one another and the ability to let go."

Conceptually, "Separation" has flashes of symphonic and classical arrangements giving the record an epic sound. The song Red Horizon presents the record with an ambient but surreal and apocalyptic lyrical interpretation that serves as a basis throughout the album."You can think of it as being our soundtrack to the fall of an empire." The entire record is outlined like a fictional narrative but yet leaves a realistic and artistic impression that is left open to the listener. This is a complete redirection from the straight forward approach as seen on their previous album. "Separation" establishes the band as true artists and leaves no question or doubts as to who they are or who they intend to become.

At such a pivotal point in their career, For The Wait made the decision to record and produce "Separation" themselves. The band saw this as an opportunity and a challenge to explore a different side musically and lyrically. "I feel we made the best choice by doing the record ourselves. It allowed us to be as free as we wanted, without working on someone else's schedule". It also allowed the band to experiment with different sounds and textures, often leading to late night recording sessions. "This was our chance to give the record a different vibe and try something that may have been uncomfortable at first. Songs like Curtains Close were done in very few takes without a lot of discussion, and it gave the record a certain unpredictable guideline as well."

Lyrically, Separation was written from an intellectual standpoint instead of an emotional point of view. The record has strong poetic themes of betrayal and mentions political euphorias that are meant to invoke questioning towards the consensus reality. Many of the topics signify an end into a new beginning and riddle between metaphoric and specific interpretations. The album fully embodies this concept of a great awakening as vocalist, Richard White, isolated himself from everyone while writing in order to develop a full concept. "I approached the album as an overall project and wrote the songs in parts so they would all tie into one another. I felt the world needed to wake up, but at the same time so did the band."

Transition, the album's first single, stresses For The Wait's commitment to take risks. Kept in its raw form, the beauty lies in the simplicity that has a different identity from the rest of the record. The song is personal and applies real experiences and thoughts from each member of the band."The song could take so many different directions but we didn't want to over produce it into something it's not."

This fall For The Wait plans on a national tour in support of "Separation." The intentions of the live show are to bring new life to the songs and let them evolve past the record. "Separation" is just the beginning for a band determined to leave their impressionable mark.

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  • Tammy McCloud said:
    Just found this the music is great!!! Oct 27
  • Mathew Hadley said:
    intense i love the drums in Remove the Knife Feb 02
  • abbeyrose said:
    awesome music. u rock Jun 27
  • _BellydancingBallerina_ said:
    I agree with KontentLike.A.pandaBear. "Motionless" is really good. PLEASE put it up for a download. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE...!!! Apr 09
  • Nick said:
    no shows? let me know when you play Apr 06
  • LittleSkyRocket. said:
    you guyssss are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. freakin' amazing, like no joke. do you think that you could put "Motionless" up for download? pretty pleaseEE!! hahaha Mar 30
  • ffadedaway said:
    guys are good ur like staind and cold put together which if u ask me is a good combo Mar 24
  • sassyshalita said:
    You guys rock....I\'m glad I stumbled upon you Dec 12
  • badgerfan07 said:
    Wow you guys are pretty awesome \"motionless\" is an amazing song..it would be awesome if you could come play a show in Wisconsin..but oh well keep up the great work Nov 30
  • [[[If You Want Peace...Prepare For War]]] said:
    OMG! You guys ROCK! You Shold come to salina kansas and play a show at the blue goat! that would be soooo AMAZING! i love let it fall its a great song! Oct 02
  • Toodabugg04 said:
    how do you add friends here? Jun 30


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