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Forgotten Freedom


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Christian

Location: BLM, IL

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4 tracks

Members: Ryan (vocals,keys), Matt (guitar,vocals), Ben (bass guitar), Alex (drums, percussion)

Hey everybody. We're Forgotten Freedom. We're all teenagers who are trying to get noticed and become rockstars. lol. Not really. Well.... yeah, we're just tryin to make some good music for anybody who'll listen. So... listen!!! Add us to your favs, become a fan, or somethin like that. If you've got a question, email me at: wiseoldfish at gmail.com or Matt at gamecubeanimal at yahoo.com, Alex at fajapowers@comcast.net or Ben at iluvthebears23@yahoo.com. Thanks!


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  • bigirishnut1@yahoo.com said:
    Hey Ben & Alex, Matt & Ryan are my cousins and I just wanted to let you guys know that YOU ROCK! Keep writin', keep jammin' and keep livin' for Jesus! You'll get there! Apr 10
  • Lady Krista said:
    hey guys! i haven't been around in a while, so i was just stoppin by to check up on ya'll. thanks for the info, nathan. let me know when the CD is done and out! (soon guys!) love ya'll! Sep 12
  • Daniel Pruzina said:
    hey guys, its Dan! You guys are good! the drums don't sound sharp enough to me...recording-wise, i mean. How's it been? email me! blondesk8erdude@gmail.com -Dan (the bass player in WI?) Jul 11
  • cheezyist said:
    sorry emma, but if you want the rest of their songs (and the final version of the first two), then you need to buy their cd when they're all done recording and have it out, no cheating and getting the rest of em like i did. Jul 03
  • MaliaElaine7Ox said:
    let me just say totally less than 3 ( Jun 28
  • Lady Krista said:
    hey, and where can i get 'amazing'? iTunes? or will you put it up for download? Jun 13
  • Lady Krista said:
    'amazing' is really good. i love it. ryan, your voice is wonderful, and the rest of you sound beautiful too. you'll go far if you desire it. stick to your dreams and don't give up. keep that in mind: never give up on anything. love you all, ~Lady Krista~ Jun 13
  • Lady Krista said:
    ry, i think you already know what i'm askin for... and i hear you're doin somethin on the 14th? hope it goes well ~Emma~ May 05
  • *rj* said:
    okay i met you last night at the big daddy weave concert and i just want to say you guys rock!!!! May 04
  • cheezyist said:
    Rock out may 14! I'll defenantly be there! May 01
  • Lady Krista said:
    get those vocals going, ry-ry!! you're fans are waiting! Apr 13
  • Lady Krista said:
    hey, guys! (i know i know: "oh great she's back..." LOL!!) Anyway, i'm still waitin for your new songs. And, most importantly: AMAZING NEW LOGO!!! I LUV IT Mar 24
  • Lady Krista said:
    woah....... guys, what's the symbol behind ur logo? Mar 18
  • Lady Krista said:
    ryry! where's the new one? (jk, but still...) :P Mar 18
  • cheezyist said:
    you no that'd be awesome if you guy's posted lyrics... just a thought Mar 17

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