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Forever Wings Fold


Genres: Hardcore / Rock

Location: Fullerton, CA

Stats: 381 fans / 36,352 plays / 44 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Mike-Vocals, Nick-Guitar, Reilly-Guitar, Steve-Bass, Aric-Drums

3 years young, Forever Wings Fold is one of the driving forces in the ever-growing Southern California music scene. With their determined DIY approach, Forever Wings Fold has already graced the pages of Alternative Press (best unsigned band-August 07), played the Van's Warped Tour (Hot Topic/Kevin Says stage), been featured on XM Satellite Radio with the single from their nearly sold out, debut e.p. 'We Are The Media', played countless fan packed shows, been nominated for 3 Orange County Music Awards and toured solely on their own dollar. With each and every song the young (18-22) quintet strives to create a sound that separates themselves from the pack, incorporating both melody and harmony, all while maintaining the heavy edge and core influence for both glassJAw and Thrice fans a-like. The dynamics of the group are undeniable in their newly released demos, recorded at For The Record Studios with Daniel Castleman (As I Lay Dying, Halifax,I Am Ghost). As determined as ever, Forever Wings Fold is constantly playing highly energetic, crowd-engaging shows and writing new material. This is EF DUB EF.

If you'd like to book FOREVER WINGS FOLD, send an email to foreverwingsfold@gmail.com




  • SkitzoPanda said:
    Bleh, I wish you didn't break up :( Aug 05
  • itsallaboutthe♪♫ said:
    awesome concert at whitney guys!! ♥ May 18
  • all-american said:
    you guys are dope Mar 07
  • Amateur. said:
    Woww... You guys make me wish I were back in OC so I could see you live!! Deff should make your way to Florida sometime :D Mar 06
  • YEya:) said:
    yay u guyss are greatt :) comee to texaass someeday ^^ Mar 04
  • ItsMeBitches! said:
    Steve Franco i love you black ass!!! Mar 03
  • courtney monster said:
    you guys are awesome =]] Aug 09
  • Killerazn92 said:
    heyyy i saw u today at my school its was fucking awesome all my high school frineds love u too play here more my shcool sucks shit May 17
  • Killerazn92 said:
    heyyy i saw u today at my school its was fucking awesome all my high school frineds love u too play here more my shcool sucks shit May 17
  • TYland-31 said:
    Hey, my friend just recently introduced me to you guys. I dont normally like that kind of music, but you guys are pretty good. Nov 26
  • mangosattack said:
    Woot! i just found your guys purevolume blog!! yahhh heard of you guys on myspace first... then last month at my school i saw flyers to the jamber fest.. i couldnt go :( thou maybe i can come to the next show.. fullerton pride! jk. random -dez Oct 13
  • heres my <3 ill let you break it! said:
    hey you guys are so fucking awsome. your one of my favorite bands and it turns out my sis rachel knows you guys and her friend sam does to. they said a couple of you guys are from la habra thats awomse. so i told em i wanted to meet you guys. ha that would be cool but very unlikly. so ill just keep supporting you guys! hope you make it big. maybe ill see one of you walking through la habra! ha jk later Aug 03
  • AlilBRAVEtoaster said:
    Yeah. You guys are awesome. May 21
  • Mucka216 said:
    sweeeeett..... Feb 26
  • JohnnyRay said:
    forever wings fold is the shit! Jan 04

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