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Added Apr 20, 2008



Comments (18)

  • Lexa!!!! said:
    When i first saw this pic, i thought Kent's shirt had a middle finger on it... haha Jan 11
  • vampgyrl18 said:
    awesome and rly funny love these guys Sep 21
  • Mandy Ramos said:
    Whoa oh! :O ;D Apr 01
  • Shantal! said:
    god damn! u guys r hot! lol Jul 14
  • BANGxNatasha(: said:
    i love you guys(: hot hot hot(: Mar 22
  • Amanda, there's no penguins in Alaska!!!!!!!!!!!!! said:
    woah first comment yay!!!!!!! luv y'all so much y'all are all so hawt! --Manda Nov 11
  • Lisa Bowcutt said:
    this picture is amazing!! i love you guys so much! Oct 21
  • irishmate94 said:
    You guys are all so incredibly amazing, and so funny; i laughed till i cried on some of your interviews :] You're my all time favorite band and ALWAYS cheer me up when I'm feeling bad! Thanks so much for all you guys do and hope to see you at The Cabooze on the 16th :] Sep 30
  • MiissAlyana said:
    i lllllluv it:D Aug 20
  • Mandy said:
    i love it *-* Aug 19
  • aestheticATROPHY said:
    you guys are amazing. Aug 19
  • rachie marie x3 said:
    i fuckin' love you guys! Aug 07
  • kristiSCREAM! said:
    i love you guyzzz.jonathan i have a pic with you.its like my fave pic ever.i wish i saw all of you tho :[ Aug 05
  • xxmusicislifexx247 said:
    you guys are so hott! im gonna see you at warped tmrw! ily! peace Jun 24
  • Justyneelizabeth :) said:
    you guys freaking rock my sox! Apr 29