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Released Apr 08, 2008

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Comments (17)

  • Jada said:
    i have listened to these songs on this cd nd i think it was sort of a mess...not that i dnt like the bands...i luv them all..itz just these songs soorta suck b4 they coverd them,,,nd the fact that putting this type of music in2 rock format doesnt make a good end product tho...they get an A+ for effort May 15
  • Music-is-my-Life said:
    cool. May 15
  • Abagail Lalaluh said:
    P.S. And do some more songs like this. I mean like album song covers. (Or what ever they are called). Nov 16
  • Abagail Lalaluh said:
    LOVE IT. Keep up the good work. Nov 16
  • Kelsey!* said:
    love it!* Jun 17
  • Jenny(: said:
    (: Niceee. Mar 19
  • Jenny(: said:
    (: Niceee. Mar 19
  • Kailin said:
    aha. This is such a cool song ^_^ Jan 27
  • JakilynnLindaNykole(: said:
    kick ass. Oct 20
  • Emily said:
    omgg i lvoe this song Sep 02
  • ©Bunny Bliss.™ said:
    i bought this cd yesterdayy,i LOVE IT!! X] Aug 20
    wow forever the sickest kids did a great job on "men in black" on the cd punk goes crunk, it my fave song on the cd and i cant stop listening to it. FTSK sounded like rapppers but also they had thier own feel too it so it sounded like FTSK and liking rappers singing it so it hads a nice blend of music and i just lubers it and junk=) Jul 09
  • RachelRebellion said:
    NICE :] theres a guy at my school named will smith..... hahah.. and thats his birth name. weird...eh? May 14
  • Em[ILY]♥♥ said:
    amazinggg hahhh May 02
  • Julia said:
    You guys did pwn will smith=] Apr 22