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New album SUNRISE is out now.


Genres: Acoustic / Folk / Blues

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Stats: 2,211 fans / 381,391 plays / 38 plays today






Members: Brendon Thomas

New album "Transients" out January 14 2014



  • kaileestonebarger said:
    Wow, just wow! I love your sound. Peaceful, beautiful, and just amazing! Apr 09
  • AxL said:
    So relaxing. ^^ Apr 15
  • Melanie Sprigings said:
    absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!! i am blown away May 29
  • Xavier ☮ (@Xaviercamejo) said:
    Hot Air BalloooOOoon?!! Jul 28
  • Xavier ☮ (@Xaviercamejo) said:
    Hot Air BalloooOOOOoon!!!!! Jul 12
  • Dita said:
    cool music! :D Jun 09
  • leckss said:
    amazing. Jan 03
  • Emily said:
    I just wanted to say that, you music gave me hope. It was a really bad day, the worse ever till now I guess, when you think nothing will ever taste the same. And that song, You Always Wanted to Fly, played in my iPod. I couldn't move, so I just sat down, and cried. And felt better. So, just saying thanks. Thanks for bringing hope and beauty. Dec 07
  • Jellica said:
    I love your songs! Nov 24
  • m i c h e l l e ^_^ said:
    so good. Nov 15
  • lizzie =] said:
    your amazing , period . Sep 20
  • Steph said:
    I just listened to you for the first time and I really like your songs Jul 28
  • Nik Weisbrod said:
    amazing, and ditto on the comment of being able to cover Johnny Cash, great work May 22
  • picket_fences said:
    anyone that can cover johnny cash this well has some crazy amount of talent. love the music. Mar 11
  • Corante, Vonna said:
    Beautiful! Mar 09


Jan 14, 2014

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