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Genres: Christian / Rock / Hardcore

Location: Indianapolis, IN

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Members: Brittany Paris, Chris Lantz, Jared Paris, Michael Goodrich, Jordan Vickers

Hailing from Franklin, Indiana (outside of Indianapolis), ForeverAtLast is a five-piece, female fronted band that is out to set themselves apart in the music world. Coming from the Indiana hardcore scene they carry a heavy; in your face attitude along side of a catchy pop rock vibe in their music.They aren't your average female fronted band though, with Brittany (Oriah) Paris singing her heart out she also packs a punch with her bellowing screams. The rest of the guys (Chris Lantz, Michael Goodrich, Jordan Vickers, Jared Paris) have polished a writing style that captures all of their influences, which is anything from Jimmy Eat World to Haste The Day. Their influences also come out in their live show. With high energy and three part vocal harmonies, they draw in listeners and keep them entertained. Another aspect that separates ForeverAtLast from the rest is their pure love for Jesus Christ, showing His love in the way He did. By loving. The band released their debut full length album (February to February) in June 2012, featuring crowd favorites Demon Fighter and Making Waves it has received great response. The album consists of a mixture of catchy alternative edgy rock and that heavy hardcore punch, along with two worship style songs. There is a little something for all music fans on February to February.

Our mission/vision is to show love in everything we do to a world of people that are hurting. To present the gospel of Christ Jesus in a manner that is simple but full of truth. To build relationships with fans and look at them as family; encouraging, caring, listening, and discipling. To be the visible image of the invisible god. To be a tool to usher in the Holy Spirit so that us along with the crowd can be in unity to commune with God. To establish the Kingdom of God and build it up here on earth and to do all of this in the name of the King, Jesus Christ.

"Very talented. A sigh of relief in a sea of misery sounding hardcore-ish bands." -Corey Pigg of Come&Live!



February to February

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