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Footage Of a Yeti


Genres: Metalcore / Death Metal

Location: Flushing, NY

Stats: 0 fans / 15 plays / 2 plays today






5 dudes making sexy music, for sexy people.

conceived in 07', the group has gone through a few line up changes. but here we are in 2009 and the movement known as FOAY is better and stronger than ever, without a hint of slowing down. with a catchy mix of heartfelt lyrics and in your face brutal hate metal, this band incorporates genres of music that seemingly and traditionally do not go hand and hand with each other, yet still pull it off in a way that people can't get enough of.

Fresh out of the studio with a brand new 6 song e.p., be on the lookout for this band here in NY and everywhere else soon after. these dudes have got one thing in mind, and thats complete takeover. fuck the haters, and get with the program kid. this is one band your gonna want to keep your eyes and ears on. and so it happens.



Volume 1

Apr 01, 2011