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Folly Pro


Genres: Punk / Hardcore / Ska

Location: Wantage, NJ

Stats: 1,926 fans / 371,691 plays / 185 plays today





15 tracks

Members: Agim, Anthony, Arben, Geoff, Jon


  • Sam ! said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/ServiteKike ska from Argentina! Jun 29
  • Jauckor said:
    More Than noisy sound. Nov 25
  • ph@nu3l said:
    your fuckin great guyz....... Nov 06
  • Andy said:
    Damn you guys bring me back, almost 10 years now....god damn im getting old. Oct 21
  • Remy said:
    LOVE everything u guys created as folly....being a drummer, when i heard/seen anthony being such a kick ass player, easily became a HUGE inspiration....not to leave the rest of u guys out, cuz every second of every song is masterfully, headbangin-lly, erratic yet precisely, & respectfully engineered....sad that its over, but thanx for doin it....& thanx for hittin up wacky walli-world on ur last few stops FOLLY LIVES ON IN MY PLAYLISTS, I-POD, CD'S, & ESPECIALLY IN MY CAR EVERYBODY CHECK OUT MIXTAPE & CAPTIVES!!! Aug 27
  • JonnyBoy said:
    wow i remember going to all your shows years ago. still kick ass. Jun 16
  • Vengeful Menace said:
    I lost my old pure volume account and couldn't find this site again,But glad to find ya again Great music. Oct 14
  • DirtyGarbageMen said:
    Sup guys i heard you guys wayy back in they day when mp3.com was cool and have been a fan since. Apr 26
  • Jeff said:
    I was at one of your last shows at "the school of rock" in Hackensack, NJ. You guys played AMAZING!!! See you at the reunion tour!!! hahaha! Apr 22
  • damn!!! I Like Myself... said:
    hello... anytime come to my country...indonesia... hehehe... okay??? wekz* Mar 12
  • Thrasher Boy said:
    You guys sound so original! Feb 29
  • MaSsHoleFoLife said:
    nooooooooo :'( x 987698760987097 don't gooooooooo you were the right one i promise! Feb 26
  • harry! balls said:
    i love you guys so very much. please tell me you\'ll do secret shows every now and then. :[ i remember seeing you guys at the summer bummer tour at nyc, and jon took my headband from my head and wore it. ahaha that was sweet. in a way you guys will always be my favorite band. Feb 07
  • tha407punk said:
    Nice stuff Dec 22
  • said:
    I heard about you guys from a hoodie my friend was wearing and I absolutely love you Jun 07

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