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Phone difficult to tame the Xiao long stove inventory

Since the beginning of last year Qualcomm buxiaolong 810, 810 overheated arguments have never stopped, the controversy in the 810 or there is no distribution began, on the one hand is the largest technology media questioned 810 heating problem, on the other hand is high keeps denying 810 overheating problems. But the so-called murder will out, with all major mobile phone manufacturers have released powered by Qualcomm 810 cell phone, Xiao Long's heating problem was put on the table, whether it is the first LG 810 Flex2, the HTC One M9 or later and Sony Z3+ is not so "cool."

Phone difficult to tame the Xiao long stove inventory

Mobile thermal problem for a long time, as early as the end of 2011, powered by Qualcomm S3 (MSM8260) millet 1 1.5GHz dual-core processor, turned into public view with the millet was that we are familiar with the graphite thermal paste. As the first graphite thermal paste to publicize the attractions of mobile, millet 1 generation does have some high calorific value, but it's just the phone temperature wars start.

Phone difficult to tame the Xiao long stove inventory

Xiao long 810 is not mobile phones overheating problem occurred for the first time in history, as early as 2012, HTC One x appears on the overheating problem, HTC One listed as the world's first quad-core x Smartphone, which uses the Nvidia Terga 3 processors, the processors that are manufactured using 45-nanometer process, quad-core 1.5GHz. Terga series processor heat is known, such high frequency processors using a trailing 45-nanometer process (with the Samsung Exynos4412 32-nm process), their grumpy can get, One x maximum temperatures can even reach more than 47 degrees centigrade.

Phone difficult to tame the Xiao long stove inventory

Here we take a look at today's protagonist--Xiao Snapdragon810, as the United States Qualcomm Qualcomm Corporation's current main SoC, was used by many Android manufacturers, eight-core, 20nm process, 64-bit architecture, using the ARMv8-A instruction set, consisting of four CortexA57 and four CortexA53 formed A57 core clock speed 1.96GHz, A53 core clock speed for 1.56GHz,GPU is Adreno430. As regards how exaggerated are fever, like the one above ... ... Today we'll count those Xiao long 810 unfortunately are the number of arrows to the models. OtterBox iPad Mini Case

Phone difficult to tame the Xiao long stove inventory

I'm sorry? Do you think being first equipped with Xiao long 810 Flex 2 can escape the fate of overheating? Pattern broken in Tucson, Flex 2 is not as famous as M9, and Z3+, but because of its unique design Qu Bing sales are low ... ...

Phone difficult to tame the Xiao long stove inventory

Hot test, HTC M9 is like a beacon.

HTC hot like One fried egg and Sony Z3+ cameras after the issue is closed due to overheating, Qualcomm has finally admitted 810 overheating problems, and have been trying to fix the problem. In has released of models in the, HTC M9 and Sony Z3+ undoubtedly is top with "fever champion" of hat, former due to metal fuselage guide efficiency is high of relationship, in heavy degrees using in the show out has "fried eggs" like of fever capacity, regardless of is local also is machine temperature are "ahead" Yu other brand of phone, more was called for "HTC of ultimate target is became steel man".

Phone difficult to tame the Xiao long stove inventory

Sony Z3+ also can't fall behind, overheating frequency reduction to Z3+ 's a piece of cake, appear in the camera tests "phone overheating, need to temporarily turn off the camera" message is Z3+ being a champion killer of fever, but Z3+ has three-proof design, can be "cooled" overheated, some water cool off ... ...

Phone difficult to tame the Xiao long stove inventory

Under spiraling 810 appeared so serious heating problems, many manufacturers began to focus on solving 810 heating problems, straining to bend over backwards, active block, number of heat sink technology stack, and even some of the so-called "black science". OtterBox iPad Mini Case

Phone difficult to tame the Xiao long stove inventory

One of the most radical of all LG, releases world's first with 810 line cellphones LG "workout" on a overheat problem is very simple, crisp and so directly in their own when playing on the flagship, the G4, 810, second use heat and power loss stable 808. Without using high-throughput 810 on the high side, but in media reviews LG G4 experience does not lag behind other flagship Android model, due to 808 fever compared well with no serious block situation, run some tests are better than 810.

Phone difficult to tame the Xiao long stove inventory

In addition to LG abandoned 810, Qualcomm is compounded by another important partner, Samsung is abandoning high-throughput directly using their Orion Exynos 7420. And in terms of performance on the heating control, Exynos 7420 14nm process ahead of Yu Xiaolong 810.

After had finished these all-powerful multinational firms, let us look at how to solve our domestic factories 810 overheating. Both millet note Hat Edition, TV plus 1 Pro, Max, was a plus 2 in "uniform fever" as a selling point, once a face is high enough to create misunderstandings. Millet, one plus and Le are 810 Third Edition v2.1, Qualcomm and no clear instructions, but compared to the LG Flex 2 using the first edition and HTC M9 Second Edition v2.1 fever of slightly better, but still can't get rid of overheating of the hat.



Millet is "coordinate with Qualcomm to exchange a number of engineers to solve the heat problem", but after we dismantle, millet found so-called "solution" is in fact apply the thermal grease on the SoC, SoC contact module with the fuselage in the metal box, metal boxes as the cooling fins to increase heat dissipation. This cooling is similar to laptop heat sink module. In our gaming tests, only 20 minutes millet Note hat to the highest temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius, heating control and did not advertise millet's work all that well.

Compared to a plus 2 in contrast clear, rigid-Flex, first in the 810 is used on the thermal grease, copper shield and three-layer thermal module design of graphite cooling paste with second one plus also features a "H-Cube" software algorithm patents, namely active core frequency of limit and stop nuclear. After our test plus 2 upper frequency limit of the core at 8,104 A57 1.7GHz, lower than the design frequency of the high pass full 300MHz, through a variety of active block and stop nuclear though it may reduce cell phone fever, but this practice will obviously sacrificed the phone's performance. Although Canada has taken a variety of measures to restrict the 810 fever, but the results were not ideal, in our heat tests, plus 2 the highest temperature reached 49.3, selected this list deserves it.

Deep and millet water vision also spared no efforts to promote itself at a presentation ceremony of "how to train your Dragon technologies", lying gun models note hat and HTC One M9 is millet. But no matter how letv boasted its own cooling technology, Le 1pro equally hard to escape the fate of overheating, its metal body and high thermal conductivity, plus 810 this furnace, the highest temperature reached 44.2 degrees Celsius ... ... Only way of how to train your Dragon. 1pro uses thermal technology? Sorry, please ask PR out left.

Of course, high-throughput over 8,101 may have a fever, it's younger brother Xiao long 615, also may have a fever. Our feelings--nuts mobile phone is one of them. In our heat tests, nut Mobile has a maximum temperature of up to 47.3 degrees Celsius, although heating parts in the back of the upper part, 47.3 degrees really be justified. But feelings buy is feeling, I could buy down the users won't care.

OtterBox iPad Mini Case

But you should not think that fever is Qualcomm's patents, a brand using mediatek Helio X10 SoC (MT6795) models in the two hours of high-intensity games testing can also achieve the same impressive 51.8 degrees, visible in addition to the fever of the chip itself, a manufacturer of thermal design is equally important.

That's by far the most "hot" potato, no cell phones, I do not know whether the fever of the phones have a certain understanding. OK now in the winter, phone overheating will not have much impact. To be fair, these phones can cause problems is not the manufacturer's problem to a large extent, from Sony, and superposition of the multilayer thermal heat dissipation of heat pipe technology, we can see manufacturers in order to solve the heat has made great efforts, Sony's newest Z5 even with double heat. But chip makers do not fundamentally solve the overheating problem of the SoC, it was all in vain. A case study of high-throughput, Samsung 7420 hung and beat of the high-end market, mid-market and is gradually eating into the market share by mediatek, accidentally in this fast-changing market will lose the game, Qualcomm, really need to work harder. Well, in this cold winter, there is a comparable hand warmers phone seemed to be no bad thing, wanting to warm hands, play a game on the line!

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Millet Note Hat Edition

Millet Note Hat indeed stronger than other phones with the same processor performance, as to whether the legend of "Xiao long version V2.1 810" played a role, we have no idea, but there is no doubt that it does have a lot of advantages in kernel optimization. Millet Note Hat voices to remain consistent and Standard Edition, but more on the transient performance of sound excellent. In addition, the hat to dive at low frequencies also will feel in place, also has some strengthening of sound field.

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