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Released Dec 18, 2007

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Comments (11)

  • Crazed Zee Zee said:
    luv this song!! and her voice is beautiful!! Feb 03
  • Brittany said:
    i love her vioce May 08
  • elaina. said:
    I love you so much. :3 Feb 09
  • *ashbashful(: said:
    I have the special edition one (: My favorite would have to be uhmm... Fully Alive or Red Sam :D Jun 28
  • Kailee Christine said:
    Oh lordy!! Wow Lacey the knew stuff sounds GREAT!!! I want ur cd sooooo bad!!! Dec 08
  • Sean_cookandmaid said:
    We all need Justice and Mercy. This song is deep, and meaningful. FLYLEAF ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! Jul 25
  • a.m.e(: said:
    this isnt my favorite song by u guys but its still really good!! May 05
  • $T3PH@N!3 said:
    I LOVE this song its so legit !!!! May 05
  • jay-duh said:
    this is actualy my fave song by flyleaf :] Apr 13
  • chey9307 said:
    i love it its amazing!!! Mar 27
  • 1morechance said:
    very nice riffs, and beautiful singing with screaming in the right spots. Mar 27