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Comments (32)

  • Brandon said:
    Nothing is more sexy than a girl who can scream! I'm So Sick will always be one of my favorite songs! :D May 21
  • Jade (danger) Sixx said:
    i will BREEAAAKKKK. love this song. FUCKS YESS Apr 12
  • curt weaver said:
    ok you rock i feel so alone until you guys your amazing at describing real things ilove you Jan 23
  • Crazed Zee Zee said:
    your so pretty!! Jan 20
  • monica umanzor said:
    i luv ure songs May 24
  • Becca Bacon said:
    Your voice is beautiful & you are so pretty. Nov 19
  • *ashbashful(: said:
    I love your voice! You're freaken gorgeous, Lacey :D LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys keep up the fantastic work (: Jun 28
  • hisBrOkEnAnGeL said:
    i love so sick!!! Apr 14
  • ciara1994 said:
    I love the song i\'m so sick Nov 01
  • ciara1994 said:
    I love the song i\'m so sick Nov 01
  • ryan_carlo said:
    you rock!!! Oct 23
  • enchay said:
    love your songs.. :] Jul 30
  • syea1990 said:
    omg!!!i love u all..!!! Jun 30
  • KAITLIN :: RAWR said:
    i love you all!!! @>~~~`~~~`~~~ May 19
  • Element_Bam said:
    Hey Flyleaf i love you guys album!!I`ve kinda done the same proublem as you Lacey and i kinda still am i just want to know what to do to stop! Apr 05