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Fluid Jazz


Genres: Jazz / Blues / Funk

Location: Scotch Plains/Fanwood, NJ

Stats: 8 fans / 291 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Tim, Ron and Roger

This is the Fluid Jazz Trio. We started as a bunch of friends who liked to play saxophone together. It all started when we played at Ron's house just to mess around and have fun. We were just hanging out but later we desided to take this more seriously.

Our first gig was at a show for 5th grade students. We had about song one prepared but we needed more. Between songs we came up with a new one totaling 3 songs: Phat Kat, In the Mood, and Lazy Sunday which was later discarded.

The original band was made up of Mike who was our drummer, Ron (Bari Sax), Roger (Tenor Sax), and Tim (Alto Sax). We started practicing more that day and Ron hooked us up with another gig the same day. Here is a funny happening about that day: Ron had a school owned saxophone that day and his neck cork was gone. Ron used a spit wad of masking tape and other household items to act as a makeshit neck cork. Ron returned that sax later that year and never got that neck re-corked. Also, Tim's Cannonball alto sax was all messed up. The lower register was completly out. Tim had to use his back-up Yamaha YAS-23 student horn for the shows. Tim was really upset becasue his cannonball big bell pro sax is his baby. Roger also serewed up his horn. While going on stage Roger hit his tenor sax neck on the corner of a wall. The octave switch was disloged and needed repairs. Tim with his sax repair skills came through for Roger, while Tim got his spare sax and Ron got more masking tape.

Many of you are asking about the name "Fluid". The name was created by Roger as we were going on stage. We were asked what is your band name so we can announce you? All three of us said "OH CRAP" simotainiously. Roger then blurted out FLUID! There ya go, thats how we started! By the way, somehow the shows that day and night were a huge success.

We played a few other shows at town functions, retirement homes, and other town related gigs. The band seemed to be going nice. Later on, we fired Mike our drummer for reasons we will leave unmentioned.

Right now we are just having a good time playing together and we will continue doing so for years to come. If you want us to play for you CALL: (732) 207-9075. We play in the new Jersey area, but we can do any exeption as long as we have the means. We will do parties, cafes, long term deals, or anything elese you may need us for. We hope to hear from you soon. Be safe, be happy, and stay off drugs.
We also have a myspace site. Follow zee link---> www.myspace.com/fluidjazz




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