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Awaiting a New Book Release? Here's How to Find the Latest Releases at Affordable Prices

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Are you an avid reader awaiting a new book release? If so here are some tips to obtain your copy in the new release in a bargain. Most readers think that new books are certainly not discounted as compared to the used book that is not true. Commonly the publishing houses throw discounts on their own upcoming projects with the hope of having pre-orders. Before the book hits the stands, this gives them a head start in recovering the return on investment much. Also, it gives them a bid of the reach of the advertisements and also the interest in the publication. It is an ideal method to recognize how so many people are looking forward for that book. - flipkart review

The digital age has given a brand new dimension to reaching people for brand new releases. As a result both reader and the publisher very happy. When a publisher releases a series of new books, he offers much larger waivers. If you notice, build sufficient hype through media such as publishing an interview with the author who gives some insight on what to expect from the book, advertising in all related websites on the upcoming new book release, book releases of popular authors.

Most websites including Ask, Amazon, more, Flipkart and About give you a good 40% off on the list book prices. No doubt that at times there is a waiting period involved after placing your order especially if it's a pre-order. One thing you must take care is to see if you are buying titles that have good content. A broad rule of thumb is always to read the synopsis on the site. Also, not all new book release world over at the same time. Publishers stagger releases in different countries on different dates. If you have the advantage of a late release in your country reading up book reviews before purchasing the actual copy is a good way to know if you will like what you read.

Some off-beat books which cater to a niche segment including children's read or specialized learning often features a waiver in order to boost the sales of these books. Moreover new edition text books come at predetermined waivers which encourages the reader to travel set for the newest version when compared to a popular old one. Throughout a new book release held at the local book shop the shop adds in few free bees or combo books proposes to the walk-in customer to acknowledge their patronage.

You also have new online books released often in which the books are for sale to read online. These are generally a lot more effective and economical compared to printed versions because they save on the publishing and paper cost. If you are a net junkie, you will love this option. The reading material variety is awesome and what's more interesting is that you make notes and add your personalized comments for the real book feel. - flipkart review


Posted Oct 13, 2014 at 6:24am