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Flight of the Conchords


Genres: Folk / Folk Rock

Location: New Zealand

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4 tracks

Songs (coming soon to player, playa)

Bussiness Time

Albi the Racist Dragon


Its not all about booty

Most beautiful girl in the room

The Humens are Dead

I'm not crying

Inner City Pressure

All the Hotties

She's so hot.....Boom..

Ryhmnocerous VS The Hip-Hopopotamaus

Think About it, think think About it

Sally, i love you

If you're into it

She- wolf

Tape of Love


Bret, you got it going on

Too many muth uckas uckin with my shi

Leggy Blonde


  • Emmie Kiah said:
    Gaah you're on here! Yes! XD When me and one of my friends heard about you we'd turn up the radio whenever Business Time came on. It was quite awesome. Albi and Business Time are my favorites ^_^ Nov 16
  • Jared Kolb.... Options man said:
    my life just got sooo much better now that i realized you two are on here. im absolutely in love with your show, its the fucking best. i personally like mel because shes so obsessive and just weird. but its funny as hell. my favorite. =] i kinda am sad theres only two seasons tho... but oh well aha Jul 07
  • Neeshi is so emo said:
    albi is my all time fav tune Yeah JELLY BEANS May 06
  • E M I Z Z L E said:
    Bowie's in Space. What ya doin' out there man? Apr 14
  • Kayte said:
    Oh yes. I love the oldies, but my dear friend is right yall need to put up your new stuff. Jan 14
  • Absquatulate said:
    You guys need to put your new music up! Dec 30
  • Lucy Elston said:
    Come England! I Would Defo Give My Time Up To See You! And So Would A Hell Of Alot More People I Know! Fact And A Half! ...You Better Believe It!! =] Nov 20
  • Val said:
    They are absolutely hilarious. Aug 16
  • meagan said:
    :D Jul 21
  • catattak said:
    I had these two friends in my drama class a few years ago, and every so often they would sing this ridiculous song at each other... I said, Hey, WTF are you singing? They said, Flight of the Conchords! Jenny! I went and looked it up. And I was hooked. xo May 18
  • Andrea ☮ Laferriere said:
    add If You're Into It! ♥ May 03
  • I Am Beautiful. I Am Doomed. said:
    you guys are freaking amazing! =] you should definitely come to Germany! Apr 19
  • I Set Keagan On Fire. said:
    I would have both of your children out of wedlock :] Creepy huh? Feb 25
  • Tessa said:
    You guys are seriously brilliant!I am so excited you are coming to Portland! See you there! Feb 20
  • Tyler said:
    you guys rule, business time, shes so hot boom. Its all great stuff! lol Feb 08


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