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  • Regis said:
    turn up the stage lights! Dec 19
  • WeShouldWeCould said:
    Really good band ! Dec 08
  • emve said:
    dig all this a lot, but you have one version of "sleepwalker" that would be my fav Dec 05
  • Bruswt said:
    Good song's ! Feb 18
  • Ziplok said:
    Hi! Check out my songs and if you like what you hear fan me! ;) http://www.purevolume.com/Ziplok Jan 22
  • ieatzombies said:
    why isnt wire tap out #1 listened to :S Apr 13
  • keantis said:
    i saw them when they first started out in Colorado, i have there EP fuckers hahaha Mar 15
  • utaww said:
    yeh Jan 30
  • puddin eater said:
    i love your music still!!!! it never gets old!!!!! Nov 05
  • Paolita Purple said:
    i lOvE uR MuSiC!!!!!!!!!!!! Oct 28
  • xXAmoniakoxX said:
    good band Oct 24
  • tiffany[TERROR] said:
    :) amazing shit! Oct 15
  • xxxShannon*got*lostxxx said:
    omfg. that's all i can say. where can i get it? Sep 20
  • Andree Trash said:
    U___U wanna cOme tO peru!!...zZzay yezZz,pleazZzE!!! xD Aug 27
  • Never_Again Will_I_Breathe_Forever said:
    these guys are fuckin amazing. keep up the amazing music Aug 09
  • Hardcore=christian said:
    Check out my youtube account account.... http://www.youtube.com/longboardskillz Jul 02
  • personaldefect17 said:
    love the band she has a really good voice Jun 22
  • noonecomes said:
    who sang do you think dallas..?? Apr 14
  • Rhonettala said:
    yay a new addiction!!! =D Apr 07
  • Xcmusicmania said:
    Um. when is your show at the uptown theater? your flier says 4/04 but your site says 4/03? My friend's and I are kinda confused.:( Mar 24