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Genres: Pop Punk / Emo / Indie

Location: Tula, Russia

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Members: Flangers

Group "FLANGERS" was formed in 2002. The style of the group: "California punk".
At the this moment group has one plate "wait, California!", comprising of itself 10 tracks, including cover-version on song "My weapon of" group Elizium. The First song with album under name "Where sun!" fell into collection "PANK-O-MANIYA-3".
The Composition of the command never changed, at present in he enters:
Sergey "Bronx" Dudin - bass, vocals, PR, music and texts, web-site.
Ivan "Misty NY Flip" Dudin - a drums, PR, music and texts.
Ivan "Goroh" Sergeenkov - vocals.
Victor "Kozya" Abaev - guitar.

For time of its existence "FLANGERS" have played more than 50 different concerts in Tula not only, but also in Moscow and Podmoskovie (the solo concerts, festivals, appearances on different evening party), joint concerts with such group, as: NAIVE, ELIZIUM, 1.5 KG OTLICHNOGO PURE, BLONDE KSYU, FIGI, LAMPASY, TARAKANY, ADVENTURES ELECTRONICS, have took part in mega-punk festival "PANK-O-MANIYA-3" in the club "Estakada" and in concert "Pankomaniya-3 in Tula".

FLANGERS - a music for hands, legs and sexual organ! This frees from prejudice and negative people, carrying in itself only ENERGY, DRIVE, POSITIVE and CALIFORNIA MOOD!!!


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  • FlangersBoy said:
    its my band) May 10
  • drogue said:
    ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: Sep 01


Tula, Russia


Tula, Russia


Tula, Russia


2006 New York City plane crash, United States


2006 New York City plane crash, United States


E Greenwich, RI

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