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Five Mile Drive (FL)


Genres: Rock / Christian / Pop

Location: Clearwater, FL

Stats: 342 fans / 58,744 plays / 63 plays today





4 tracks

Members: | Kevin | Phil | Derek | Tim D. | Brian | Tim B.

Poetry for the Heart,
Rhythm for the Mind.,
Music for the Soul,
~Five Mile Drive

What we play:
Kevin - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Phil - Violin, Vocals
Derek - Violin, Guitars, Vocals
Luke - Vocals
Tim D. - Electric Guitars
Brian - Acoustic Guitars
Tim B. - Bass / Drums


  • izzie said:
    your music is absolutely beautiful. i love the strings, keep it up Jul 05
  • woodisgood said:
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  • XxgreenxX said:
    love the girl song Jun 28
  • DcasaOhYeahOhYeah said:
    brian its dan from camp!!! i just searched the song canon in d and this band popped up and i was like....im positive i know someone in this band. how have you been? Jun 08
  • lestriplettesdenouville said:
    hou ! hou ! May 31
  • PinYourWings said:
    I LOVE THIS. Mar 27
  • PinYourWings said:
    I LOVE THIS. Mar 27
  • stedly said:
    you guys have an awesome sound!!! Get lyrics! Great Harmony! Jesus has blessed you!! Mar 17
  • A.Muscaria said:
    Vous avez un trs jolie son.. Mar 08
  • A.Muscaria said:
    Add Comment here... Mar 08
  • PureChaos said:
    ha i can play canon in d on my cello .. aha i love it. Mar 01
  • tanacea said:
    You should check out this really cool free service. My band is using it too. www.scriggleit.com Feb 21
  • FoggyVeritas said:
    *applause*... i love it guys.. keep it up... i wish i could play like you all... especially with the violins.. its one of those instruments that i wish i could play... i do however play guitar .... www.purevolume.com/foggymind ... in case you all in interested.... good show tho guys... \"Girl\" is quite a song. Feb 08
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    Hello, I would love it if you could be a fan of mine. Could you please listen to my music? If you are interested then go to www.purevolume.com/kylewallace -Kyle ps. i\'m liking your sound Feb 01
  • caitlinisacrazyfolk said:
    i just here. listening to your music. i love it. when are you coming to grand rapids, mi? because we need you! Jan 24

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