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Genres: Rock / Experimental / Reggae

Location: Hollywood, CA

Stats: 2 fans / 241 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Wil, James, Ed

When a band is fearless in exploring and pushing their musical ability you get music that is liberated from conformity. Freedom is what FITTER expresses in their musical direction and songs. Their latest release is a 6 song EP entitled "Through the Green Jungles of Plenty…" (Red Star Penguin Records) encases their musical evolution and shines bright with ingenuity. FITTER's music has been featured on national and international television, radio, and press outlets such as Mun2, The Travel Channel, LATV, La Opinion, KPFK, KXLU, Kill Radio, Al Borde and others, and is for sale through CD Baby, iTunes, Napster, and other digital media outlets on the internet. For the past decade the Trio has been dedicated to writing songs, arranging and sharpening their skills to reach this very moment (freedom/liberation?). At this stage of their musical journey FITTER has earned a loyal L.A. underground fan base. Go and see for yourself what "L.A's Best Kept Secret" is all about live. FITTER today is a multi-genre band with a ROCK and REGGAE foundation that takes you on an emotional, high energy musical experience.