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Genres: Rock / Alternative

Location: Orange County, CA

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Members: Josh Partington, Hunter Macdonald, Brian Weber, Jake Margolis

Commercial success can be a double-edged sword just ask Josh
Partington. As a guitarist and co-songwriter in the platinum-selling
pop act Something Corporate, Partington has had the opportunity to
travel the world, play in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans
and enjoy the kind of success that every musician dreams of.
However, while Something Corporates brand of piano rock is what
made Partington a success, at heart hes always written alt-rock
thats decidedly moodier and more riff-oriented than his previous

In the past few years, Firescape has gradually evolved into a full-time
proposition, culminating with the bands debut full-length, Dancehall
Apocalypse. I think a lot of times when you see side-projects come
out, people are like, Oh, well, they were part of this band so it was
really easy for themand this journey really wasnt easy for me at
all. In fact, the unsigned act spent most of last year in their van
opening for acts like Hawthorne Heights, Straylight Run, Gym Class
Heroes and A Static Lullaby, gaining fans via their emotive live
performances and word-of-mouth appeal.

Listening to Dancehall Apocalypse, its not difficult to see why the
reaction to Firescapes music has been so favorable. The opener
Right From The Start sets the albums tone immediately via palm muted
guitars and impassioned vocals, which unexpectedly diverges
into an explosive chorus that stretches toward the stratosphere.
However, the most striking thing about the album is the way
Partington manages to eschew formulas. The Sound sounds like a
marriage between Jimmy Eat World and The Foo Fighters; the
groove-heavy Impossible flirts with balladry while still retaining a
distinctive rock edge; and the grunge-influenced The Way You Are
sounds like Soundgardens Badmotorfinger recontextualized into a
pop template.

Part of doing Firescape was this realization of a lot of elements that
in my past efforts, I hadn't truly realized in my music, Partington
explains when asked about the more aggressive influences which
inform Dancehall Apocalypse, also citing acts as seemingly disparate
as Metallica and Pearl Jam as influences. Obviously, I dont think
anyone would listen to our music and think it sounds like Metallica,
but I think the dynamics of certain songs were definitely inspired by
the rhythmic-style of such bands that influenced me from a young

Lyrically, the album deals largely with relationships, but not in the
whining and pining manner that seems to dominate the radio waves
these days. Instead, the album tackles issues like mental abuse,
infidelity and, yes, STDs in an honest and direct manner. I feel like a
lot of the time when I read interviews, musicians try to make their
lyrics into something overly dramatic but I just try to write what I
know, Partington candidly states. You listen to Tom Petty and he
writes songs about love and longing and breaking up and wanting a
girl that he cant have, but he still has his own voice, he continues.
Thats what I wanted to achieve with this batch of songs.
Having already experienced mainstream success and everything that
goes along with that, Partingtons feelings on Firescape are simple.
Im really proud of this album and how it came out, and I cant
imagine anything disappointing that could happen now, just short of
people hearing it.

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    i have JOSH\'S pic!! from the show at CHAIN REACTION 01/20/06 Jan 22

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