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Finkelstein Shit Kids


Genres: Ska / Punk / Rock

Location: Ottawa, ON

Stats: 42 fans / 5,370 plays / 34 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Benwah-balls, skid-Mark, skanky-Franky, captain Conor and Handsome Seb

It is a sad day in the FSK world, for as some of you may know, we are breaking up. However, we have managed to record two new songs: Forty hands and What do ants do for fun? These songs are know up, and hopefully will be appearing on an album called RIP FSK. We'd like to thank all the people that have listened to us over the years and well... thats all.

A young ska band from the local ottawa area. For more information, check out our website.
geocities.com/finkelsteinshitkids, or just click on the link below.


  • marrie said:
    Hey Guys... I writed you a message. I want to know if you want participate in the show that my friend and I managing. In 7 july, at St-jean-bosco church (20 booth street). Its a benefite show for our trip in greece.The Johnstones, maybe Fleeba, Black Curtains, The Possums and maybe Bad News Bears would play! So i wait for your messages. It will be a great show if you participate. May 06
  • strawperry_shortcake said:
    add aliens and cooler than you Mar 16
  • katline said:
    You guys gave me a blank Cd : ( But I really enjoy your music Mar 08
  • alphanumericletters&numbers said:
    you guys are good, you just need more solos, not just guitar ones, solos for all the instruments...and not 5 minute ones just little bits here and there Feb 19
  • rrrroar said:
    Sweet show at Cafe Dekcuf a while agooo! Jan 18
  • strawperry_shortcake said:
    when did purevolume change like this? Dec 05


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No release date


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