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Separated in Time and Space

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Nothing much. I just remembered to checked in on my old band profile here in purevolume. I saw Purevolume being featured on CSS Mania for teh new wide, clean layout.

Fingur is no more. We haven't played for more than a year. We are separated in time and space. LJs in a graphic design school, Macmac joined Nostradamus Jr., I'm a fulltime freelance web designer/ WordPress theme developer and Minuel is nowhere to be found. I haven't hear from him for more than a year.

I saw the Purevolume profiles of other bands from La Union, mostly our friends and they're rocking great. I love and I'm proud of what all they have become - great musicians. Nostradamus Jr, EiB, Zoomzoom Lunacy - to mention a few. I wish I could still make music with my band but I guess there's just no way right now. Everybody's busy. I'm married and I have a kid. LJ must finish his graphiuc design course to get a decent job. Macmac has to take care of his kid too and his new band.

I know I can still write music even without the band but it's just different anymore. I've chosen to pursue my design career and leave the band behind. LJ and I still have contact with each other. He sent me some original songs he recorded on a small digital recorder. I heard the materials and they rock. I just wish I have time to add the guitar parts. But maybe I will. Time will tell.

To all our friends and supporters, we, fingur, wanna say goodbye. Fingur is no more but don't worry we'll still be here making good music. Watch out for our reincarnation under a different name.


Posted Mar 19, 2008 at 12:26am