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Finger Eleven

"Life Turns Electric" is in stores and online NOW!


Genres: Alternative / Metal / Rock

Location: Canada

Stats: 2,609 fans / 157,981 plays / 59 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Scott Anderson-Vocals, James Black-Lead Guitar, Rick Jackett-Backup Guitars, Sean Anderson-Bass Guitar, Rich Beddoe-Drums

"Life Turns Electric" is available in stores and online NOW!

Finger Eleven's new album Life Turns Electric is available everywhere NOW!

Click below to get your copy now! Download the album on iTunes and get exclusive bonus track "Living In A Dream" (Acoustic).

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New tour dates were also just announced for Finger Eleven's 2011 "Life Turns Electric" tour with special guests The Envy and Elias. On dates sold through Ticketmaster, you can download the new album for a special low price with ticket purchase. Visit www.fingereleven.com for more details!


  • Kasey! said:
    You guys are from Canada? :P Feb 01
  • celini said:
    oh yeah!!!!! :) Aug 07
  • ryan said:
    these guys are sweet! im gonna get some of there music from itunes with the itunes gift card i got for free from http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=wasa15 yall should sign up its legit :) Jul 30
  • David Rogers said:
    I was there the night at the Much music Video awards in Toronto a few years back when you guys played paralyzer on the roof with the fireworks and such. Everytime i hear that song i think of that kickass night May 23
  • I.eat.rainbows said:
    amazing.amazing.amazing. i love you guys more than anything. Feb 26
  • -Sm;)e-™ said:
    please please please please make Paralyzer downloadable!! :) Dec 24
  • ironbutterfly720 said:
    love the new song Oct 16
  • shadefur said:
    i luv u ppl Feb 14
  • Capital_M-E said:
    u guys are badass Nov 23
  • Capital_M-E said:
    u guys are badass Nov 23
  • sabrinaaa. said:
    hell yeah! your coming to Bossier! i'm gonna be there for sure. [: can't wait! Jun 27
  • fwROX said:
    omg!!!! u guys are awesome!!! i luv the song paralyzer. i wake up to tht song every day b4 i go to skool on my i home. me and my friends are starting a band. go to out page read our blog and post a comment or send a message to our rockin guitarist emily. we need money. any ideas? post a comment. search us at forever walking! Jun 11
  • Nicole Schutt said:
    I Love You Guys! May 23
  • Hannah...Bleeh said:
    OMG. i didbnt know you guys had a purevoulume. your songs rock. :] May 16
  • kiim.burr.ly said:
    omg you guys are so awesome :] come to LA!!! Apr 11


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